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George Cain: A Lyrical Life
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On April 14th, Townhall.com ran an article by Tony Snow. Titled "Testing Our Faith," it distilled from the story of Christ's resurrection some practical lessons for those living today. Snow, who a few days later was named White House press secretary, wrote:
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Now that Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code is about to become a movie, I finally broke down and read the thing. All I can say is this:
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Blowing Their Own Horn

Shortly after arriving at the Arizona State Fairgrounds on the day of the march for immigration reform, I heard a sharp, mournful noise rise above the crowd that was gathering around the bandstand. It was 10:00 a.m., three hours before the march to the State Capitol was scheduled to begin. Some 15,000 people were already showing. Apart from a...

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