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While the First Round of the PGA Tournament is not yet finished, Tiger Woods finished his early day round at 2 under par, two shots out of the lead. There are other players to play later in the day, and it's likely they will push him futher down the leader board.
But I have to be honest here, I am happy to see that he may be getting his life more in order.
Not excusing what he did, and apparently did for a long time.
He's certainly hurt his wife and worse, IMO, his children in a manner most of us could never understand.
I don't have a clue what the negotiations between him and his wife have gone like, or if they are actually thinking that there is much of a chance to reconcile.
This is one of those times when I believe that every effort should be made to get their collective poop together, for their kid's.
Not saying they should stay together, and act as if nothing happened, because something did happen and it's pretty bad.
Made worse by his celebrity status and the distance he fell from grace by his actions.
A fall from such heights takes more then just the demigod with it.
His wife is a very rich victim now, and can lead her life in whatever manner she chooses once the, assumed, pain and humiliation wears off.
But the kid's are always going to be "Tiger's kid's", and subject to a messed up life. Not one that they had anything to say about.
Lot's of children are dealing with parents who, regardless of who is at 'fault', tore apart the family.
But I believe that when you are the child of a famous parent, you already have a higher expectation put on you by others. That's not fair, but it is what it is.
So while I know that there are some people, mostly females, who would never want to see Tiger have anything resembling the success he had earlier in his career, I hope he and his wife and kid's don't have to continue to live with the added stories and pressure of how his games is gone and he is screwed forever.
I don't imagine he'll win the PGA this weekend, but I honestly hope he does well, and can focus more on whatever it is that he is hopefully trying to do to mend fences with his kid's.

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While I don't condone what Tiger Woods did, and what he did was really, really stupid and self-destructive, I like the man and wish him well. I hope that he will be able to redeem himself in the eyes of his family and his erstwhile fans.
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