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Kipling gets a bad rap, in my opinion. I think he had a very sober grasp of imperialism having seen it up close and personal. But beyond that side of him, he had profound insight into human nature and was a genius at articulating it.
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Josh Sugarman at HuffPo has the shocking statistics that will make you re-think all that 2nd Amendment nonsense you cling to:
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Forgive the self-indulgent title, but I'm constantly reminded of the irony dripping from one of Bruce Springsteen's infamous concert speeches about Vietnam or some such. The speech ends whit him saying, "In 1985, blind faith in your leaders can get you killed." I always found it ironic because in 1985, we weren't at war, and...
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I was watching an episode of Coach this morning. You remember, the one with Craig T. Nelson as a college football coach?
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Every freaking day, there's another gut bustingly funny claim by Obama's media surrogates. Today, it's this from Market Watch's Rex Nutting:
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I don't, but Mitt Romney thinks they are.
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Have you ever forgotten something you read in the news or in a book? Let me answer for you. Yes. The fact that you can't remember what means you've forgotten. Most of us forget so much of what we read, we have a hard time defending our opinions. We know we're right because the impression we got when we read such and such is still...
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Zach Franzen is a wonderful illustrator, and he has a Reagan-like artist's intellect. It's on bright display in his treatment of the old Norse tale of Loki and the Witch's Heart...
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Whatever's going on, at least you're not stuck in Lodi...
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No more than they afford to others. John Nolte at Breitbart thinks we need to start vetting the reporters who can't dig deep enough into conservatives yet won't scratch the surface when it comes to liberals:
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According to a Think Progress email I got today...
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Four years ago when I reviewed Jonah Goldberg's
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