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RightNation.US: All Time Greatest Song About Money - RightNation.US

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5. For the Love of Money The O' Jays

4. Money Pink Floyd

3. Money (That's What I Want) Barrett Strong

2. Gimme Some Money Spinal Tap

1. The Big Money Rush

My Mind is Clean

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Toss-up between Pink Floyd's Money and Dire Straits Money for Nothing.
I'm partial to Pink Floyd but for my money, you can't beat this one.

Pink Floyd & Dire Straits for sure.

As a child of the 1908s, I'd like to add:

How to Be a Millionaire, by ABC

And Money's Too Tight to Mention, by Simply Red

"Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash" - The Steve Miller Band.

"Gimme Your Money Please" - Bachman Turner Overdrive.

"You're a Rich Girl" - Hall and Oates.

Wow, Howsithangin, you must be an old guy ("child of the 1908's") lol

"Take the Money and Run" - Steve Miller Band
I really like The O'Jays "For The Love Of Money" along with both that Monty posted.

Here's one that should be in the top 5....

Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
What no AC/DC? :saywha:

BS walks. :high5:

Jamescush, on 27 May 2012 - 09:27 AM, said:

What no AC/DC? :saywha: walks. :high5:

I can always count on you to catch the ones I miss.
How about Travie McCoy "Billionaire"
How about the John Kerry theme song, "First I Look at the Purse"? Originally performed by The Contours, later covered by The J. Geils Band.

Oh man, how did I miss "First I Look at the purse"?? I PLAY that song, for cryin' out loud! LOL. And being such a Beatle freak, I'm also ashamed I forgot "You Never Give Me Your Money". :blush:
I can't believe I forgot this one. And yes I'm posting this in this old thread LOL

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