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Seems like the Catholics are the new and improved punching bag. First, the whole thing with Obama's "birth control" (*COUGH ABORTION COUNSELLING IN HEALTHCARE---really---let's call that what it is. That was never about counseling for birth control. Especially when someone on Fox News defending Obama's position kept screwing up and saying,"Abor....ummmm birth control.." Link ***), and now with the whole Grammy crap on Nikki Minaj's exorcisim and bringing a guy dressed as the Pope to the Grammys. Her performance onstage, if you could call it that, was a hot mess of Priests, altar boys, dancers, and anything else Catholic you can throw into. She should have stayed curled up in the corner of the ceiling hissing at the priest trying to exorcise her.

Maybe the Catholics aren't the new punching bag. Yes,referring to you Madge, and your hay day in the 80s.

As a Catholic, I'd like to hear what is the fascination with us "Pagans?" Is it the Saints? Our pretty rosaries? Our crucifixes? How well dressed our clergy is? The Nuns? What? Please fill me in.

And why is it game on for alot of these stupid music videos? If Nikki Minaj decided to do a song like that but as a Muslim, would it be tolerated? What if she substituted Priests for Rabbis? Or a Baptist Minister? Or a Mega Church Preacher?

Getting kindof sick of it being ok to parody and go for the jugular in the Catholic Church but hands off everyone else!

Please explain to me the fascination with the Catholic Church and why most are so quick to donn our clergy's cloaks and think that's ok to parade and gyrate in them. Something reasonable aside from "us" Catholics deserve it because our "priests rape young boys." I am so sick of that being brought up as why Catholicism is horrible. Talk about a broad brush...

Another example---my crucifix for your interuption of the days activities to pray to Mecca however many times a day. People think a crucifix or Christ is an interference? Let's throw down some other religious practices that is there for any of us to practice freely.

You want me to respect your religion, I will. But, quit parodying mine and using it as a headliner to fight any political playing field.

Obama administration infringing on religious liberty?

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Oh-here's Nikki Minaj's big WTF moment at the grammys. I'm sure this will surpass Whitney Houston's death. The crowd is even laughing at her.

Roman Holiday
I was watching the red carpet with my wife and mother in law, and was angered (even as a lapsed Catholic) at the stupid little tramp with the guy dressed in papal robes. They would never have the guts to dress someone up as an ayatolla. What did the whole thing even mean? Nothing. It's just shock value for the sake of shock value.
I didn't watch the grammys, but I read about Nikki's stupid stunt. I am not Catholic, but I recognize bigotry when I see it. And since most Catholics don't carry bombs or guns the church is a safe place for idiots like Nikki, Madonna, what's her name, the bald singer--don't tell me, I don't want to give her more publicity--to protest against.

I agree with horseman. If an artist wanted to make a brave statement, they would publically mock Islam.


… Yes,referring to you Madge, and your hay day in the 80s…

Me?! :-D

No, Catholics are not a new punching bag, especially not here in the US; that’s been going on forever. (Just for example: The manners in which waves of Irish and Italian immigrants were treated.) And although I don’t know precisely what you’re talking about… (things like entertainment, celebrities, and mutual masturbation orgies tend to not catch my interest)… to hear that the Church has been parodied once again is entirely unsurprising. Rather, what I find interesting is your apparent agitation over it.

What bothers me is not only that the Church here is becoming more noticeably politically active, increasingly inserting itself into socio-political matters; but is also aligning itself with fringe “religious right” activism, sometimes working hand-in-hand with them. (See for example: Various anti-gay efforts around the country.) And this close working relationship with the fringe has apparently rubbed off such that we are now seeing the same kind of “oh we are so oppressed by having to follow the same rules as everyone else” kind of faux victimization antics. Hence this whole: “President Obama tries to appease Catholics” (as one news blurb put it) over matters of common sense sexual health.

I can’t say this enough: When you mix religion and politics you get… politics. Why anyone would choose to sully their faith by throwing it into a mud-wrestling ring is beyond my comprehension. I always thought that faith was intimate, personal, and spiritual; “See you at Mass on Sunday”, not: “See you at the ballot box on Tuesday”. Maybe that’s just me.

So no, Catholics are in no way the new crash test dummies… I just have no sympathy for the high saturation whining.

I think I see what you're saying, Madg. And no, not you as Madge :P

I like your point on "When you mix religion and politics you get.. politics."

Faith is personal, intimate, and spiritual. I do have a disagreement with the Catholic Church on gay rights. I'm a bit on the odd side of this board in I take people for who they are and prove to be and not on their religion or sexual preferences.

That being said, while my faith is personal, intimate, and spiritual---I think if you apply that to the gay community that their sexuality is personal, intimate, and spiritual (spiritual in that the people in committed relationships or their beliefs on gay rights).

Substitute all the above Catholicism scenerio. People can't say the word "fa--ot" now or they will end up in therapy and apologizing for the rest of their lives. My faith and relationship with my Church is sacred to me just as I am sure homosexual people in commited relationships will fight tooth and nail to defend themselves. Or even if they aren't in committed relationships. It's something ingrained and how you grew up (you in general) and while I am not a homosexual and haven't had to grow up defending myself as one, I can't understand the pain one goes through wiht trying to be accepted or obtain basic rights, I did grow up as a Catholic. I find myself more and more having to defend my personal beliefs and morals and family and Church. Do you understand the comparison?

There are certian issues or beliefs that are hands off completely. The homosexual community is one, Islam (as was pointed out in a comment) is another, etc.

I think I am validated in my feelings that something I love and believe in and base my morals on is being attacked and I have the right to defend it and I have a right to be aggitated over it. It wouldn't be so surprising to you if I substituted another group of people, would it?
Horseman and wags----agree. Good points
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