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It's fascinating when you look back after something unusual has happened and replay how it all went down. I called in sick to work Monday, so my truck had sat in the garage all Sunday and Monday. A few days earlier, I had to add air to one of my tires. I wrote it off to several cold mornings and after I pumped that tire up, it seemed to hold air...until I started it up that Tuesday morning to heard toward work.

My super-cool low tire pressure warning system was informing me in the kindest way that my left front tire had 7psi of air pressure.

I once again fired up the compressor and pumped it up to 40psi and checked to see if it was holding air. It was, and I did find a sizable piece of metal in that tire which I was sure was the root of my problem. I decided to go to the tire place where I has purchased them just last summer - I knew they provide free service for any issues that their tires have after sale.

On the way, I had the radio tuned to Sirius/AM Patriot channel. Glenn Beck's show was about to end and my favorite show The Wilkow Majority would be on shortly. I don't usually listen to Beck, and I had some things running through my mind and really wasn't paying attention to the show. Half the time I'm listening to Classic Vinyl or Classic Rewind in my truck anyway. I pulled into the tire place, parked and went inside to explain why I had come in that morning. It was 8:55am.

The usual check-in, what's the problem, which tire, we'll get to you right away. The the service guy came and asked for my keys. His name was Koleman. He went and pulled my truck into the service bay and got busy. He came and got me 5 minutes later and asked me if I had any special locking lug tool that he might need. I couldn't remember so I went into the truck and looked in the console and glove-box and realized that I didn't have locking lugs for this truck like I have for other vehicle wheels. As I was looking in my truck, I noticed that my radio was turned up louder than I had it and was still on the Patriot Channel. 'Koleman must have turned it up and is listening to this', I thought, 'I wonder if he realizes what station it is?"

Koleman came and talked to me. He wasn't sure the tire could be repaired, since the metal shard was fairly close to the edge of the steel belts. But he assured me if he couldn't repair it, they had the same exact tire in stock if it came to needing a replacement. I was relieved.

He went back about his business, and about 20 minutes later came and told me he was able to repair the tire and I was good to go. I went to the counter, checked out and got my keys.

As I was heading to the truck to leave, Koleman stopped me and asked,

"Mr. 'Stick', can I ask you a question?".

"Sure", I said.

"What radio station is that you were listening to?"

"Oh, that's the Patriot channel on XM."

"Oh. They were discussion some very interesting things on that show. They were talking about Wall Street and the TEA Party, and were saying some very interesting things. I really like that station and I just wanted to know what it was, thanks."

"Your welcome, and thanks for fixing my tire."

I got in the truck and I realized that Andrew Wilkow was off for the day and had David Webb filling in for him. David Webb is a conservative commentator and talk show host, a TEA Party leader, and just so happens to be a black. Mr. Webb is tireless in his effort to spread the conservative message especially to the black community.

It all made sense to me then. All of the tumblers had to fall at the right time that morning. My tire went flat, I had the Patriot channel on (and not music) because a show I like was coming on, I decided not to switch the radio off as I arrived at the tire shop, and David Webb was the host for that show that morning as a fill in.

I'm sure (as it inevitably happens with David Webb) there was discussion leading off that show about how the black community is affected by some of the decisions being made by the 0-bama administration. The discussion struck a chord with the hard-working and polite 30-something (and I'm pretty sure) ex-military man that had just fixed my tire and asked me about the radio show I had tuned in.

Koleman, I thought, is just like a lot of other America-loving patriots out there. I could sense the seriousness in his voice when he spoke to me, the concern in his voice for the state of affairs was palpable and the interest he had in hearing a message that he hadn't heard on radio before was very real and raw.

That show spoke to Koleman and he made the effort of finding out what show it was. David Webb reached a fellow American that morning - a fellow BLACK American - who no doubt has questions about what's happening in Washington, D.C.

I don't know if Koleman will get a Sirius/XM subscription, but what I learned that day is conservatism speaks to all people and, among other things, gives them a different perspective on the role of government in our lives...

...if only given the chance to be heard.

3 Comments On This Entry

Good blog! I'm glad I read it.
Thanks Wags! I'm a little rusty...its been a while.
Excellent anecdote my friend; I love the way you pieced it together for us!

[indent](I’m not sure I would reach the same conclusion; “interesting” can be a vague or even backhanded compliment: “My what an interesting meal! Who knew that earthworms were such a versatile ingredient?!!” :wink:)

I enjoyed reading through your entire missive… thank you.

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