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In the spirit of Mr. Naron and his music themed blog entries, I had an idea for another one. I've been playing quite a bit of Guitar Hero Wii lately, and I really love the Metallica disc. I've now gotten through 'expert' on about a half dozen songs (those damn Kirk Hammett solos always trip me up).
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I found an old colleague on Facebook and we had a spirited exchange recently. Well, that is to say, I made a few comments and asked a few probing questions and a few days later I received a leftist talking point salad. I noticed he was part of the group "Sarah Palin Scares Me" which really prompted the whole thing. Here's what I...
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Hammer has Dropped

Well, yesterday our company released the first across the board cutbacks in an attempt to address the economic situation. Everyone will take a 10% salary cut for the entire year 2009. Matching 401k funds are suspended indefinitely which amounts to 3% if you contribute 6%. Incentive compensation (what we call bonuses) suspended for 2009. Profit...
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The View from Happy Valley

Well, I thought it might be interesting to some folks to see how snowy it is here. We are holed up and are getting along. The power has flickered a few times - that would be a problem since it remains below 30 (it's around 25 right now) as it has for several days. We got another few inches overnight and it is still snowing. I measured the...
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The most Obama has said about his ties to William Ayers, the unrepentant domestic terrorist of the Weather Underground, comes to us via the question asked by George Stephenopolous in that famous Pennsylvania debate question, when he says:
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