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The Bullsh***er-in-Chief (Content Warning: Language)

I'm sorry; I don't remember if the content filter works in the blogs. If you click through then you're going to see it anyway. It's the "BS" word (and variants); the one that literally means "male bovine excrement". Idiomatically it is a profanity meaning "nonsense" and that is the intended connotation of the cited editorial. Remember that South Park episode wherein they used the "S-word" so many times that viewers became desensitized to it? This is something like that.

What most interested me is the philosophical "theory of BS", and especially the distinction between a liar and a "BS-artist" (BSA). Liars and truthtellers have something in common: They both know the truth! The difference between them is the liar tries to convince you that something other than the truth is true. But a "BSA" doesn't care about the truth, and often doesn't even KNOW the truth! Apparently, the only deception they intend is to convince others that they are somehow "special" or knowledgeable. Or maybe they're spouting BS just for the sake of talking. Who knows?

Yes, of course BS is similar to lying in that the source is "bearing false witness" and the recipients wind up being misinformed (assuming they believe the BSA). I just never considered the semantic and philosophic distinctions between the two activities.

Here is the editorial; those with sensitive dispositions may wish to go elsewhere:

The Bull<censored>ter-in-Chief
Donald Trump's disregard for the truth is something more sinister than ordinary lying.

Updated by Matthew Yglesias@mattyglesiasmatt@vox.com May 30, 2017, 8:40am EDT
© 2017 Vox Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Source; excerpts follow:


Donald Trump says a lot of things that aren't true, often shamelessly so, and it's tempting to call him a liar.

But that's not quite right. As the Princeton University philosophy professor Harry Frankfurt put it in a famous essay, to lie presumes a kind of awareness of and interest in the truth — and the goal is to convince the audience that the false thing you are saying is in fact true. Trump, more often than not, isn't interested in convincing anyone of anything. He's a bull<censored>ter who simply doesn't care.

In Trump's own book, Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again, our now-president describes himself in a way that Frankfurt could hold up as the quintessential example of a bull<censored>ter. Trump writes that he's an "I say what's on my mind" kind of guy. Pages later, he explains that doesn't mean he's necessarily an honest guy…

When Trump says something like he's just learned that Barack Obama ordered his phones wiretapped, he's not really trying to persuade people that this is true. It's a test to see who around him will debase themselves to repeat it blindly. There's no greater demonstration of devotion…

Frankfurt attempts to give the term definition that distinguishes the bull<censored>ter from the liar, with the most salient distinction being that the liar is genuinely trying to trick you.

"The bull<censored>ter," by contrast, "may not deceive us, or even intend to do so, either about the facts or about what he takes the facts to be."

The liar wants to be seen as the one telling the truth. The bull<censored>ter just doesn't care…

Read full editorial.

Yes, the editorial as a whole is provocative and is not kind to President Trump. Since publication of this missive, Trump apparently took a remarkable "Twitter vacation" on the day of James Comey's testimony, letting his lawyer do the grandstanding for a change. In a weird way, that's a hopeful sign.

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Yes, the content filter works in blogs. http://www.rightnati...cool_shades.gif
1. Vox is a joke. Viewpoints consistent with those of Mao. Nothing any Republican can ever do will escape scorn, ridicule and condemnation.

2. Like all proglodytes, Yggy is a weapons-grade hypocrite. This same cheese-d**k was an enthusiastic supporter of pathological liars Barry and the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Spare me..

In summary, any text spewed from that festering zit that he calls a brain onto the blogosphere is a waste of bytes.

I’m not seeing any refutation of the editorial opinions, nor of the “unified theory” of BS.

During the Clinton years we were told that lairs and womanizers make great leaders. I guess liars and womanizers are now double plus ungood.

As for the unified theory of "BS" Is Clinton claiming to have been named after a unknown bee keeper, who would climb Everest six years after she was born a lie or BS? Is claiming to have flown into Tuzla, and leaving the plane under sniper fire a lie or BS? 0bama claiming his parents fell in love while at the Selma march a lie or BS? 0bama composite girlfriend a lie or BS?

Were you lying or BSing when you said you believe paying taxes are important, but you avoid sales taxes by buying items in NH. I hope you did not commit tax fraud again this year and paid the state of MA the sale taxes you own.

Is the author a liar or BSing when he called trump unqualified? We on the right were told that 0bama was qualified for president because he successfully ran for president. Maybe it is just the left's double standard showing again.

Here is the author's bio


Matthew Yglesias used to have other, different jobs writing things on the internet for different websites. Now he works here. For even more, subscribe to his newsletter!

That is the largest pile of BS I have seen today.

In the section about the grocer putting the sign in his window he downplays one option. He puts the works of the world unite sign in the window so he will not be woken up by armed men in the middle of the night who are there to arrest him for being a counter-revolutionary. I suggest you go on a left of center discussion board and post something good about President Trump or proclaim you don't think 0bama or Clinton is the not 100% perfect. Let us know how quickly you were banned for life. Go on a LGBTEIEIO board and ask the question if a gay gene were found would it be OK to abort possibly gay fetuses. Again let us know how quickly you get banned.

You are BS when you want peoples opinion of the “unified theory” of BS. If you were telling the truth you would have avoided the BS blog and just posted the essay on BS. What we got was the typical leftist BS on how Republicans are crazy/evil. The problem for Yglesias is that he can't use the tired old leftist BS that Republicans lie and liars are evil. So he finds a essay on humbug and adds a new part to the equation.

What does it show about your mental state that you are BSing?

MADGestic, on 09 June 2017 - 10:41 PM, said:

I’m not seeing any refutation of the editorial opinions, nor of the “unified theory” of BS.

Because it's not worthy of a response. :coffeenpc:


But that’s not quite right. As the Princeton University philosophy professor Harry Frankfurt put it in a famous essay, to lie presumes a kind of awareness of and interest in the truth — and the goal is to convince the audience that the false thing you are saying is in fact true. Trump, more often than not, isn’t interested in convincing anyone of anything. He’s a bull<censored>ter who simply doesn’t care.

When a pundit ascribes motives and thoughts to a person, that he can't possibly know to be a fact given that he's never even met the person in question, then I call THAT "Bullstuff".

On what basis does Matthew Yglesias 'know' that Trump "isn’t interested in convincing anyone of anything"?

On what basis does Matthew Yglesias 'know' that Trump [i]"simply doesn’t care"?

He doesn't know these things. Because he can't, he's simply not close enough to Trump. But what Matthew Yglesias CAN do is tell his audience what he thinks they want to hear, just like a gypsy fortune teller reading a crystal ball or tea leaves.

And there's a word for that, my friends. It starts with a 'B'.
Was going to reply to this, but How's it Hanging, Joe the Pagan, and Adam Smithee have pretty much covered it all.
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