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Sanders on Ilhan Omar: 'It Is Not Anti-Semitic to Be Critical of a Rate Topic: -----

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  Posted 16 April 2019 - 10:57 AM

Sanders on Ilhan Omar: 'It Is Not Anti-Semitic to Be Critical of a Right-Wing Government in Israel'

By Patrick Goodenough
April 16, 2019


Asked Monday night about the row over comments made earlier this year by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Sen. Bernie Sanders said he does not believe she is anti-Semitic, and that "it is not anti-Semitic to be critical of a right-wing government in Israel."

At the Fox News town hall in Pennsylvania, host Bret Baier described Sanders, a 2020 presidential contender, as "a staunch supporter of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar."

Sanders interjected, saying that he has spoken to Omar "about twice in my life," but added, "I respect her."

"This is what I do support: I support a Muslim member of Congress not to be attacked every single day in outrageous, racist remarks."

Baier pointed out that some Democrats had been critical of Omar one of two Muslim women elected to the House last November for "language kind of associated with anti-Semitism."

"Can you understand why some Jewish Americans would have a problem with some of that?"

Sanders said "I think that that is not quite right," adding that Omar may need to do "a better job in speaking to the Jewish community."

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Posted 16 April 2019 - 09:39 PM

The DumbocRAT Party and their rabid, lunatic followers is littered with anti-Semitic racists, but the Marxist media have always and will always give them a pass because the DumbocRATs have socialist policies they agree with. The Marxist media use the "racist" card consistently to try to marginalize anyone who isn't a left-wing nut. Thus, that narrative doesn't work if it becomes common knowledge that the DumbocRAT Party is the "pot calling the kettle black". Not only is the DumbocRAT Party anti-Semitic, but also anti-black. They bribe black-Americans with lots of free government goodies...not too much, but just enough to discourage getting a job (and dignity) and also keep them in poverty. This is how they keep black-Americans on the DumbocRAT plantation. Unfortunately, black-Americans are so stupid that they support the party that gives unflinching support to Planned Parenthood who was create to exterminate blacks. And, PP is doing a great job...50% of every black baby in New York is murdered via abortion and nationally is it 40% of all black babies. It really is so sad that so many black-Americans are so blinded by the free goodies, they will likely always remain on the plantation and never realize the American dream. I keep on saying black-Americans, because this hell-hole they refuse to leave doesn't apply to newly immigrated blacks from Africa. A legal black immigrant from Africa was beat up by two other blacks in Baltimore, Maryland because he was wearing a MAGA hat. They told him to take off the MAGA hat and when he refused (he told him he loves this country and its freedoms), they beat him to a pulp. Typical of DumbocRATs as most of them are evil, violent, uncivilized creatures. If this were some mind-numbed idiot wearing a Obumdo hat during his regime, this would be front page news for MONTHS detailing how psycho and violent right-wing conservatives are. Yet, when it happens to a MAGA supporting black man...crickets. Not a peep out of the Marxist media. Par for the course, because ALWAYS remember...Marxist media = DumbocRATs = hypocrite.

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