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I have been noticing lately how many "Follow your dreams" books there are written by people who are very wealthy before they wrote their book.
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I have been reading articles about how the Wiimote is a Bluetooth device. I bought a Bluetooth dongle for my computer to communicate with my pocket PC a few weeks ago. So I decided to give it a try.
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Little Digs

We have all heard about the bloated fiasco in Boston called the Big Dig. While I was on my way to my weekly gaming group driving through some construction, they are replacing a bridge, that has not shown any change in the last few months I started to think of all the "Little Digs" that can be found.
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I was working in the Science Fiction section of the book store recently and I notices a lot of the recent Science Fiction can be summed up with one of the following plot lines.
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I have a friend who has recently watched a movie on that blames the government for 911 so we could go to war with Iraq. He tried to get me to watch it but grew tired of laughing at the inaccuracies and made up facts. Anytime I could from memory debunk the film he would skip ahead. He finally gave up and stopped the movie when I spoke into my...
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