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COVIDIOT [ kohv id-ee-uht]
I hope people click here and help me out.
El Paso mall shooting: At least 19 people dead, 40 injured, suspect in custody, police say
The emerging 737 Max scandal, explained
Or is it another case of Leftist hypocrisy. Sort of how they worship the racist Margaret Sanger, founder of planned parenthood. In this case Ira Einhorn murdered his girlfriend.
During the last 8 years America has seen a tremendous amount of damage done to this nation and the rights of American citizens under the guise of tolerance.
Scalia was the one I wanted Bush to nominate as the Chief Justice instead of Roberts. Turned out I was right.
The progressive left is terrified of Hillary Clinton failing to be elected- hell, there scared that something will prevent her from even being nominated. The reasons are more obscure than you our faithful reader might suspect.
There has been growing speculation, in some quarters, that Mitt Romeny is considering another run at the Presidency.

What MORE DO YOU Want?

Last week, a friend and I got into a bit of a debate on his Facebook page. The genesis of the discussion had very little to do with fiscal policy. It actually grew out of my defending TEA Party conservatism from the charge that it is extreme and full of hateful racists and fascists. But when I pointed out that advocating for limited government,...
No,not that I am blogging on RN again after almost three years, although I understand the sentiment. I'm asking if anyone is surprised about what Putin is doing and Obama's pitiful response. It was clear from the get-go that Putin, former head of the KGB, intends to resurrect the Soviet Union. Practically everything he has done since...
For those of you on RN who wrote tributes and participated, please check your links and follow the directions on the site below. I think last year or the year before I caught the list up but if we can check again this year, it would be very much appreciated. It was an honor to write about the victims and our duty to at least help keep up the...

Hillary '16

This past week we witnessed the opening shot in Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton's run for the Presidency of the United States of America in 2016. The truly disgusting aspect of the Senatorial Hearing was the way the so-called Republicans on the committee bent over and grabbed their ankles while falling all over themselves closing ranks in...

The Problem With Atheism

Straight off the bat I feel the need to qualify the title for this entry. I think there are, perhaps, some atheists who don't fall into the category that I'm about to describe. Some just don't believe in religion, perhaps they don't have the answers, and I think that's fine. A lot of us are just trying to figure things...

Congress Has Done It Again

Senate Bill 510, the one that controls our food supply has passed the House. They attached it to a bill for funding for the Department of Veteran's Affairs.
Well. well. well. Everything was just spiffy when I last wrote--my kidneys were pretty shot, but still worked a little, I still felt fine (it's amazing what you can get used to), and most people, that I've worked with for 23 years, didn't even know anything was wrong!
The desire of a young adult to live free of their parents says something of liberty. At some point, the security of reliable provision begins to pale in comparison to the allure of freedom. The ability to personalize a home, keep chosen hours, and freely associate with others is deemed worth the cost of independent living.

Let "Washington" Do It

http://static.guim.c...s-Co-002.jpgOne of the most fascinating parts of watching President Barack Obama deliver his State of the Union Address to congress last week was hearing his repeated derogation of Washington DC, and its failure to address what ails the nation. ...
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