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Six days in September

It's an AP source, so no links or quotes or the usual stuff.

But a whole six days went by before the "Combat mission" accomplished claim by the One is proved overly optimistic.

No American troops were wounded or killed, but that will likely not stay true for long.

Thus, one of the very few campaign promises he made and kept, is shown in a mere 6 days, to have been one he should have never made, NOR worked so hard to 'accomplish'. I strongly suspect that his senior military advisers did NOT recommend a complete withdrawal just yet.

But advice against his personal agenda seems something that the One never pays attention to, so rest assured that there will be combat related casualties in Iraq for as long as it takes for the President to permit our troops to once again seek and destroy the enemy. (Nothing says it is going to be the current Occupant of the Oval Office.)

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