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Over the top?

The NFL season starts for real today.
I decided to watch the FOX Sports pre-game show today, no particular reason, just did.
The lead in was a bit about how the "Journey" to the Super Bowl is a long hard grind that is, well a long hard grind.
For the most part it was OK, not inspiring to me, the kind of thing one expects anymore.
But at one point, the narration (Michael Douglas did the voice over) claimed that in order to win, to hoist the Super Bowl Trophy next February, the players would be required to make "the ultimate sacrifice".
I'm sorry, but while I agree that playing professional football is one of the most physically demanding 'jobs' one can aspire to, "ultimate sacrifice" seems more then a little over the top.
No doubt somewhere in the Nation today, someone will make the "Ultimate Sacrifice", perhaps many someones.
But not a one of them will be wearing an NFL Football Players uniform.

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I agree. While I like football--and while I realize many who play sacrifice their time, bodies; and well, mostly their time and bodies--much (not all) of the time they are generously compensated. But their "offering" in no ways compares to the sacrifices made by members of our military.

And it is disingenuous to compare the two.
Good point. I agree. To claim that football players are making an "ultimate sacrifice" when they are receiving millions of dollars and are still alive to celebrate at the end of the season is ridiculous.

D-Rail, on Sep 15 2010, 11:32 AM, said:

Gents, as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps I couldn't agree more. I think that football players do give a lot to their team and to the NFL but "Ultimate Sacrafice" is a a little much. Something else that bugged me about the MNF game with regard to the military is how the Chiefs organization utilized miltary personnel for their pregame festivities. With most of Kansas City reveling in the rain soaked Monday Night historic victory over the Chargers I was left with a very different feeling. A small part of the pre-game festivities that were conducted was a display of a 60 yard American flag proudly held by local military troops. I take exception to how this "opportunity" was conveyed to service members. We were invited by the Chief's organization to hold the flag and as part of a "once in a life-time opportunity" and told to "act fast". Service members were offered the ability to purchase discounted tickets to this "sold out event". In reading the fine print it was discussed that tickets were required to be purchased to hold the flag and uniforms were expected to be worn. I question the Chiefs organization that if this was a "sold out" event, then how were we able to purchase tickets? More importantly, if you are trying to honor troops; requiring them to purchase tickets to be honored is not the way.

"The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government."
Maj Daryl Boersma, Student, Command and General Staff College, U.S. Army combined arms center, Fort Leavenworth KS

Sir, I am going to assume you are the signer at the bottom of the post.
And I could not agree with you more!
The circumstances you describe are nothing less then using the military for publicity.
Requiring the military member to pay to be "honored" makes a mockery of the 'honor'.
Thank you for your post, AND your service Sir. :rolleyes:
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