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I don't know if many people have heard much about the "National" 9/11/01 Memorial that is taking shape at the site of the WTC in NYC.
Much has gone on with the planned structures, and mostly it has gone on without a lot of publicity. Or at least not a lt of National notice.
One thing that is going to be missing, if the planners continue on their current path, is one of the few, perhaps the only, remaining iconic structures from the original site.
There is a rather large Bronze sculpture of the Earth that had been in place between the twin towers for 30 years as a symbol of World Peace.
It survived the destruction that took out so many lives and structures on 9/11/01, a near miracle to many people.
It was "temporarily" relocated during the clean up of the site, with a promise that it would be returned to the WTC Memorial site when that site was constructed.
That promise has been broken because, apparently, the Sphere isn't an acceptable part of the landscape plan for the memorial.
But what the heck, it was only a promise made to the survivors of the 9/11/01 attacks, a promise made by politicians to get needed support for something the politician wanted, at the time.
I urge any who feel that not only should promises made be fulfilled, but that this particular promise is about something that needs to be in the "National" /11 Memorial.

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