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Far be it from me to stick it up the Canadians once and a while. I Blogged a couple of months back about what a mecca Vancouver has become for killers, hookers, and pedophiles. A killer from Seattle recently ran to Vancouver after brutally murdering all his family members in Seattle and the authorities refused to send him back until we promised to take the death penalty off the table. I got a lot of static from some Canadians saying I was way off base and nothing like that was going on. Well, it seems maybe I was right.Hundreds of people wanted for crimes elsewhere in Canada are walking the streets of Vancouver because there is no way to send them home, the city's police chief said yesterday.Chief Jamie Graham had his officers document the number of people they stopped over a three-month period who had so-called "non-returnable warrants" issued against them by other jurisdictions. A non-returnable warrant is an arrest warrant limited to a specific province or jurisdiction, outside of which the issuing court does not pursue.The study, conducted early this year, found 726 people in Vancouver were wanted elsewhere in Canada for a variety of offenses ranging from drugs to property crime to violence. Many of them face multiple warrants. There was a total of 1,582 warrants covering those who were stopped and many of them were for multiple charges.So what's keeping the Provinces from taking care of the criminal scum?Even when arrested in Vancouver, the suspects are quickly out on the street again because the jurisdictions in which they are wanted refuse to foot the expense of repatriation.Wait a minute. They have "Free" health care (BS, but that's another subject) but they don't have the money to deal with criminals because they're too cheap to pay for the plane tickets?Just another example of Canadian "Superiority".Thanks for listening.

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Even when arrested in Vancouver, the suspects are quickly out on the street again because the jurisdictions in which they are wanted refuse to foot the expense of repatriation.

Did I misunderstand this? Because it seems to contradict what you're saying.

You're contending that the provinces won't send bad guys back to the U.S. jurisdiction because they're "too cheap" to buy a plane ticket, but the above quote specifically says that the jurisdiction in which they are wanted is refusing to foot the bill. In other words, if Seattle wants to try their accused killer, they have to pony up to bring him back.

If no attempt at extradiction is made, then Vancouver Police will release bad guys because they have no legal grounds to hold them. The matter would then be turned over to immigration to see if the bad guy can be expelled on administrative grounds.

I can see where some provinces will be reluctant to extradite in a capital crime case, but that's a different issue. It's also pretty rare because Canadian voters - however liberal - don't like killers walking the streets.
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