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  Posted 27 May 2019 - 09:08 AM

A Global Trump Revolution in Europe?

By Monica Showalter
May 27, 2019


The stunning results of the European parliamentary election is pretty entertaining stuff, given that supercilious, arrogant, disdainful, bureaucrats such as European Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker, are going to get a roomful of people like Brexit leader Nigel Farage. Remember this? Couldn't happen to a nicer Eurotrash. Now it's coming at him in spades, from not just the United Kingdom, but Italy, France, Poland, and Greece and other places that just aren't happy with his little power-to-me project.

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The greenie gains seem to be roughly parallel to the rise of "vanguard" Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The stronger trend, though, and still seemingly dismissed in the press, is that multiple countries, most strongly Britain, have chosen to go with Trumpian nationalist parties, taking aim at the supranational governing body that is supposedly all in for what's euphemistically known as "European integration" which actually means: Rule by unelected European Union bureaucrats over the elected leaders in one's supposed democracy. That's a fine pickle for that self-congratulatory body to find itself in - Europe's voters have top-loaded it with enemies of the entire project.

Why does that happen? Well, because countries are being submerged and ignored when they try to change anything. They're being flooded with illegal migrants, for one, people can neither assimilate nor be happy in the countries they are entering illegally, and these people are rapidly harvesting these countries of their resources and paying them back by committing terrorism against them. They're seeing their economic growth going anemic by the EU's hideous overbearing regulations, and some, such as Greece, are suffering from Europe's Germany-led monetary policy, which cuts them off from their competitive advantage of a weak currency. It was very nice to see Greece's voters throw its hard-left socialist party Syriza out in this bargain.

In short, the European Union was unable and unwilling to respond to what the voters wanted, so now they're getting it good and hard on the parliamentary side, which is the only way voters have left to communicate with them. It rather reminds me of the superconcentrated force coming from Venezuela's national assembly, naming Juan Guaido acting president over the current dictatorship, because that was the only possible place where power could be exerted and as a result, it was extreme.

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Posted 27 May 2019 - 03:48 PM

If the EU fractures, it will come back down the road in an even more sinister form. Globalists Will. Not. Stop.

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