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RightNation.US: The Deep Blue Rats Are Beginning To Turn On Each Other - RightNation.US

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The Deep Blue Rats Are Beginning To Turn On Each Other Loretta Lynch threw Jim Comey's carcass under the bus Rate Topic: -----

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  Posted 22 May 2019 - 03:43 AM

The Deep Blue Rats Are Beginning To Turn On Each Other

Diogenes' Middle Finger
Tuesday, May 21, 2019


One of the first things that happens when the truth starts coming out is those who've involved themselves in a serious cover up start turning on each other to save there own asses. The rats have now begun scurrying because Bill Barr and John Durham are turning on the lights and they’re all about to be exposed. That same liberal cheer-leading media that wanted you to believe Hillary was not really under investigation will try attack it as a partisan effort, or just DJT pulling the strings and going after his political enemies. But facts are facts and truth is truth. And looks like we’re about to know a whole lot of it.

Behind closed doors of a Congressional Committee, Loretta Lynch threw Jim Comey's carcass under the bus.

James Comey:"We were getting to a place where the attorney general and I were both going to have to testify and talk publicly about. And I wanted to know, was she going to authorize us to confirm we had an investigation? … And she said, ‘Yes, but don’t call it that, call it a matter.’ And I said, ‘Why would I do that?’ And she said, ‘Just call it a matter." - June 2017

Loretta Lynch: "I did not,” Lynch responded when asked if she had “ever” told Comey to call the investigation a “matter.” - Dec. 2018

After two years of the Mueller investigation to nowhere, Democrats and their media lapdogs have desperately avoided acknowledging their nominee was under investigation for potential felonies. Yet the investigation was happening, and it was absurd to try to pretend it wasn’t. So Lynch’s solution; label it with an innocuous word that wouldn’t be so damaging and tarnish Hillary’s triumphant coronation.

It's going to become clear it was Loretta Lynch who ordered the Hillary investigation spiked because of where it was headed. And it was Loretta Lynch who wanted turn the attention elsewhere, ordering the FBI to launch an abysmally predicated counterintelligence probe of the Trump campaign, using the absurd pretext of “collusion with Russia” based on the unverified Dossier and an offhand braggadocios comment in a bar. Lynch knew what she was doing in both cases. She knew Hillary had committed felonies, which is why she ordered the FBI investigation in a way that defied every protocol.

This was about preventing Donald Trump from becoming president, no matter what the FBI had to do. Lynch was taking orders from someone above her, and y'all know who that was. If the Obama DOJ acknowledged the investigation was real, they’d hand an easy talking point to the Trump campaign on a golden platter.


The Rest

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Posted 22 May 2019 - 05:39 AM

And all those people who jumped to conclusions about Loretta and Billy's tarmac meeting. Tsk, tsk, we all know that side of the aisle's as pure as the driven snow. Don't believe it? Just ask the MSM...

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Posted 22 May 2019 - 08:07 AM

It's like the tar baby story, the harder they fight and attack the more stuck they are. They have been attacking and attacking so hard they are now mired in their own filth. When the light comes it will show them for what they are.

The teeth gnashing will be epic.


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