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Umm Media---remember 9-11?

Maybe I missed it. Maybe I'm 100% wrong in this. I hope someone will tell me.

I woke up on 9-11 to find that ABC is taking a Whistle train across America. Then, I switched channels and there was something about makeup. I kept switching my non-cable channels to find ONE ounce of 9-11 and nothing. Absolutely nothing. No memorial, nothing.

I drove into work thinking I may have something on the radio. Nothing. One moment of silence for one of the Towers that was hit then nothing. Last year--at least the National Anthem sung by Whitney Houston played.

Came home hoping for a memorial dedication or something. Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Big Brother, some win a million show, America's Got Talent.....nothing.

What did you do, media? Brush it under the table and leave it to the internet? Tell me, what the hell happened that none of you, during the times that all this was going on 7 years ago, could do one simple song of the National Anthem or pay tribute to the victims??? What happened?

I'm living in the Beltway of Washington DC and none of you, from what I saw, had the deciency to broadcast anything.

Tell me---did you all forget??? What happened?????

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Now, now....
You've got to keep in mind a couple of things.
First, the "media" in all their ivory tower brilliance determined that the American people couldn't take seeing images of 9/11/01 over and over. We can, and do, rent/buy every graphic movie Hollyweird can pump out, but the real life murder of nearly 3000 innocent people, that would warp our tender minds.
Second, the MSM is without question, in the tank for Nobama. As such, they sure as heck can't/won't take a chance on anyone remembering that the last Dimocrat President didn't do a damned thing to help prevent the attacks.
At least that's the way I see it.
I don't know how to quote you USNJIMRET yet so forgive me. ;) It sure is like the Wizard of Oz isn't it? Or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in their ideals. Keep it hidden, pull the curtian, and let the ompahs hide everything that won't help this election to favor the Messiah dem.
Well Google finally had this great somber theme on 9-11.

Yes....I just lied though my teeth. ;)
Srsly? ( have to use LOL cat talk b/c I don't believe it James. ;) )
fox news had it on almost all day
USNJIMRET had it right. In (most of) the media's eyes, to run a video of 9-11--or to even acknowledge that it happened--would be jingoistic, maudlin, or the worst thing, "PARTISAN."
It is an election year. Obama is weak on defense and the media know it. Bringing up images of 9/11 will only help John McCain so it is best to bury it as deep as possible. Besides that the media have always been on the side of the terrorists so why remind people of what they did?
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