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Pawns in Hollywood

Well, it's been done. The show down. The last Samuri. I'm talking about the end of the world as Hollywood knows it. The final countdown on who can out do whom and that is the birth of the Tomkat baby vs the Brangelina baby. Possibly twins on the Brangelina page though E-Bay and it's sono sale will deny it. Forget Gwenyth and her fruit. The fetal war has grown much more competitive.Honestly, I wish mother and child on both sides a healthy outcome. But the hype that surrounds these two is beyond fathomable. Comparable to the Xenu spawn vs The Golden Child. These poor children and what they will have to live up to. On one hand, you have the papers saying that the Brangelina coupling is birthing the most beautiful child alive. Hopefully, this child will have no problems from the press if it doesn't live up to it's pre-birth standards the media has already put on it. On the TomKat side, you have "Is it his baby?" "This really isn't his baby." "Tom is gay in the closet" crowd.There was a comment on one of the Hollywood mag shows that the Brangelina baby can grow up to defeat the Cruiser spawn. That this was the war of Scientology. How insane is that? They have elevated these births to the level of good vs evil and these poor babies haven't been born yet. Gawd help the Brangelina child if it even has a zit or the TomKat child if it decides to do humanitarian work. Everything is a competition in Hollywood. While invariably, most (I hope) will agree that the whole TomKat thing is completely staged, the children are the victims and pawns in all this. They didn't choose their parents to be complete imbeciles and they didn't choose to be thrust into the spotlight and under the microscopic eye of the press. I would hope that the press would find some mercy on these children but I can't foresee it with the "bump watch" crowd. They're being photographed before they are born so I can only assume their life will get more constricted once out of the womb.Again, a shame on the Hollywood elite. That their own children are mercilessly dragged into the spotlight and know no privacy due to their parents' ego.

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I wonder if perhaps it isn't so much the Hollywood crowd, since they too will sometimes breed, advisably or not.
But rather, the press who are vultures and will concoct their own sort of take on these matters. The hype on the Brangelina baby will be tremendous, as they ARE two of the Hollywood best looking people. The poor kid. You're right though, one zit and it will be front page. Of course, then OXY-10 will step in with a contract to help the kid out. For some advert and promo, of course.
The advantages of their accidental fame.
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