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I have an old cat (tomcat--used to roam the streets type of cat. Nothing gets by him.) named Bobby. He's sweet and adorable of course. Recently, he'd walk off by himself and for no good reason just hiss. This is the same cat I'm weaning off London Broil because he refused to eat his dry food. So, I checked his teeth and realized one was a little bloody. The vet gave me some antibiotic to use on him. She gave him his first dose. Bobby had never had to take a pill before so the vet caught him by surprise and shoved it in him. No fight. I thought this shouldn't be too bad since he was so good with the vet.Took my sweet little Bobby home and later took out a pill. His second dose. He eyed me from the stairs suspiciously. I nicely called to him and went to get him. I got a huge hiss and then a blur of fur ran by me as Bobby made for one of the bedrooms. I finally managed to pull Bobby out from under the bed with his claws raking my wood floors. I cradled him, scratched behind his ears, talked to him, gently opened his mouth and pushed the pill in. Then I screamed in pain and dropped Bobby or tried to drop him. He was hanging onto my hands with his claws and spitting the pill out.Now, I'm thinking of an e-mail that was going around about how to pill a cat. I laughed like everyone else did but figured with my experience with cats and how well behaved mine are it would never happen to me. I couldn't be more wrong. I decided to take advice from that e-mail and wrapped Bobby in a towel. Only his little head was peeking out and the claws were hidden. I put him under one arm and pried his mouth open and shoved the pill in. Suddenly, two back legs reached around my arm, yoga style, and clawed either side of my arm. Bleeding, I released my hold on his front legs and those wrapped around my waist. He used my stomach as a launching pad and with claws out leaped off me and ran. I'm convinced he tried to disembowel me. That hurt like hell! Fine. :thumbsdown: Caught Bobby again and got a new pill. Scruffed him and squished his body down while pulling up on his head and shoved the pill in his mouth. Grabbed his head and held his mouth closed. He swallowed and I let him go. I found the pill the next morning in the bathroom. I took the pill, crushed it up, and put the powder on a spoon. Caught the cat. Pried his mouth open and dumped the crushed pill into it. He threw up. At this point, I was considering somehow shoving the pill up the cat's rear end. I'd had it. So tonight, I crushed the pill and put it on top of his favorite food. I even mixed it in. He watched me do it, hissed, and walked away.The cat has had ONE dose of his antibiotic. I give up. I have no idea how I'm going to fight with him for 10 days of this. I'll bleed to death. Give me a rottweiller any day to pill over this ghastly cat. Has anyone lived through this and won? Ideas?*He's watching me as I type. :thumbsdown:

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The towel wrap is excellent, but I find it works better if you have help. If you don't have a frined, grab a neighbor or a bum off the street, but pilling should never be attempted solo. Wrap the cat in a towel, two if necessary.
Wearing a baseball umpires vest will protect you from the disembowlment, but the pad will need to be replaced after each use.
Dip the pill in butter, getting a fair glob on the pill, force open the jaw in the best non-lethal manner you can, and jam the pill toward the back of the throat. Close the jaw, massage the throat, and look for the tell-tale sign that he swallowed it.
It worked with Bowie. :lol:
Ok. I'll try butter. I don't think anyone will help me with it though. Don't have an umpire's vest but I do have a fairly thick ski jacket. Maybe that will do? :lol:
Barring raw meat, I'd suggest getting a "pill popper". You can either get them from the vet or buy them at your local PetCo/PetSmart. They're relatively inexpensive (under $5) and all ya gotta do is put the pill on one end, pop open his mouth, shove the pill down to the back of his throat and push the other end.

Viola! One cat given a pill...
I was going to suggest the towel, as well. That's how we did it at the vet. Well, we also used the looping pole. Can't say I didn't get scratched though.

I wonder if the vet can't give the precious darling a shot here and there. Might be expensive, but it will save on blood transfusions.
A shot would be a wondeful option! I'll try this pill popper first. Right now, "precious" is all big eyed and loving. Standing up and chirring at me. Being as cute as can be and acting like he's starving. He didn't touch the pill tainted food all night. :D I feel like pulling a Mommy Dearest on him with it and just letting it sit there.
We always used liquid antibiotics and a syringe. I honestly never had the occasion to need to pill a cat...and I read Mr. Herriott's All Creatures Great and Small. That's where I learned to wrap a cat. This is also necessary with a liquid. In the case of the liquid, wrap the cat, down on your knees, shove the cat between your legs and sit on him. Tuck the mediciney syringe inside the corner of the mouth and squeeze. Don't let him open his mouth and rub the little throat. It was just easier to give him meds this way....and Dib was a 15 -18 lb Siamese. A shot is a really good idea though.
Amazing that something so small can be so viscious! Susan---I don't know about sitting on my darling. I'm still getting over the near disembowelment. :D I guess mixing the pill in water won't hurt. I crushed it again and pinched it into his mouth in the powder form this am. Have a nice puncture wound from that episode on my middle right finger that finally stopped bleeding. I may just crush the pill, mix it in butter, then spread it on his paw so he has to clean it off.
Good luck Annie.
It sounds like you really need it! :D
:D Original E-Mail on Pilling a Cat.

For those of you that have the honor of being owned by a cat, you all know this expression on kitty's face too well. The "I'm going to kill you" face.

My cat Pita is allergic to dust mites. and I have to give her allergy shots as well as methylpred pills. I tried the crushed pills in soft food thing too and it kinda worked until she decided that she wasnt going to eat that food anymore. I even had pills made into cat treats(not cheap) she decided she didn't like those either. Its a good thing they are cute!

If your cat likes soft treats you can get some (I use Wisker Linkins' moist) in whatever flavor your cat likes most. Cut the pill in half (or more if it is a bigger pill) and mush the cat treat around it. I can't believe how well this work for my cat. I wish knew about this years ago. I hope this works for you as well as it worked for me.
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