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What the Entitlement Attitude Can Lead To

Guest blogger: Boadicea http://www.rightnati...ads/av-1293.jpg

After telling a quick story on Annies blog about how my cousin died in a car wreck because he was drunk started me thinking about how he was raised.

My uncle out of 11 kids has been the only one who believes he is entitled to everything. He schemed, fraud, stole, lied, and cheated his way to get what he was "entitled" to unlike the rest of his siblings who worked to get everything they had.

He is an odd one out of a family of strong conservatives he is the "progressive". Now lets see where that has lead him to. First he joined the military (AF) and instead of taking advantage of college like his brothers did he came home and begged his dad to get him a job on the Rail Road. That lasted less than 3 months. He then decided to work on equipment used in Coal mines... didn't mine but after a year he claimed he was disabled from working in the mines. During this time he married a flat out DRUNK. They had three children who all learned that they were "entitled".

At first when the rest of the family had anything to do with my uncles family the kids did well. Band, sports, school, etc.... but things turned sour. The drunk mother drove people away by calling them at 1am cursing them out all the while the uncle never apologized nor attempted to get her treatment though they were "entitled" to it. The uncle also swindled his mom, dad, and siblings. He helped mom and dad by "offering" his VA housing loan so they could get another house. The old one was just too big. They said yes and the mom and dad made all payments, all tax payments, did all maintained (including cleaning after a flood) all while thinking the deed to the house was in their name. (of course it wasn't) after they died the uncle called the cops and threw all siblings out of the house and kept nearly everything in it for a yard sale...(he tried to get my dad arrested because dad dared to take a television that HE bought his mother).. The uncle also took a boat, my dads M1(which just last year I cursed him out over) and all family photos... Ok so his Karma is really screwed now...

Payback though he can't figure it out. His family was left alone no one spoke to them anymore(except the mother who still calls at 1am and gets her rear handed to her every time). The kids are ignored none graduated HS. The middle child died of a drug OD, the youngest of drinking and driving, the other one because of her drug use has three kids who will never function in any normal way because of low IQ's.

He just can't figure out what they did wrong as parents. He dosn't see how his belief that he is "entitled" to things, not raising the kids, and setting a prime example of how to behave towards your family and friends has anything to do with how things turned out. Someone explained it to him but even that didn't get through the belief he did nothing wrong and deserves better.

Simple to say he is the typical Democrat.

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It's so completely amazing how the people that feel they are entitled play the victim role and seem to write their own ending to where they and their family will end up. If those people just worked at something, maybe they would get some pride and stop the cycle.

I'm sorry that happened to your family. It must be hard on the others watching all this happen.
That entitlement bit. You are right. It is a slippery slope. I am sorry that your family has suffered through it but it seems that they've now figured it out much to the chagrin of your "entitled" relatives. I have some of those myself. I suppose we all have. I think it is something that plagues most families in the US and most westernized countries. With the democrats/liberals/progressives, whatever, calling the shots, I find that more and more people are less educated and therefore fall into the '''sheeple"' category where they are, unfortunately, unable to think for themselves, so "taxing the (so-called) rich" to give to the poor sounds great to them. Unfortunately, what the government is really taxing is the middle class, not the rich, (the rich can afford to hire tax attorneys and accountants to find the best ways to avoid paying taxes) therefore, creating the gap between rich and poor. It won't be many years from now that we will be right back in the same spot that our forefathers escaped Britain for. There will be the rich and there will be the poor. And if you are not in the rich bracket by then you will surely be working for the rich. And if you want to see social programs disappear overnight, just say "jack rabbit''. Because once the rich have secured the poor man's vote to put them in power, the poor will be cooked, like yesterday's dinner. Gone will be the social programs, gone will be the pensions, gone will be the one vote for one man, gone will be the ability to own your own home or property, etc. etc. The belief that you are entitled to anything you haven't earned or worked for is truely the devil's grist.
That's a very sad situation. Anytime a person becomes dependent on somone or something else it's a bad thing. Kids are one thing, the need the dependence to survive. When grown adults rely on others to survive, even if they believe they are entitled, they just don't realize they have given up their freedom. Freedom to me is lack of dependence on the government. Freedom is the ability to live your life without obstacles in the way, to pursue your happiness, and you can't do that when you rely on the gov't or constantly insist on making your family part of your problems.
It's a very sad situation. My father's elder brother is the same way. His kids are a mess as are all of their children. I don't even associate with them at all. It irritates me to see them get all these government handouts (my poor cousin just can't work because of her scoliosis but mine has never seemed to have that same effect).
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