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For Just a Moment

I've been going back and forth thinking about writing this. I know many will disagree. I just wanted to share my feelings and thoughts for just one moment. Today. Dispite all the bad--the dig in President Obama's speech at former President Bush, the crowd reaction as he left, the sick scary feeling I have to watch what President Obama will bring to office. The sadness I felt when former President Bush left and I thought I caught a glimpse of sadness. The fact he kept this Nation safe for eight years along with the military men and women. I just want to hold onto today and remember this historical day.

Today, we sat in a conference room watching the new President sworn in on a small Bible owned by Lincoln held by the new First Lady. I listened to his speech and at times was moved. Just one day being so amazingly moved at what this great Country can accomplish when such a short time ago, black men and women were bitten by dogs, hosed down, a small girl walking into her school at six flanked by security as parents kept their children out of that school, people who didn't deserve to sit at the back of the bus or be segregated soley by the color of their skin. One black mother saying to her son that he could now accomplish anything he dreamed. And that one child may grow up with different ideals than this President has.

Just one moment, black, white, yellow, all stood shoulder to shoulder by the thousands to come see history be made in one day. They came from all States to see this. All colors. All races and sexes. All seeing that this one day, proves that this race broke all barriers. And Dr. King's words rang true.

So, maybe today was about just race. But, one cannot deny this was a monumental moment. Just one day, one moment. The amazing thing was God was praised and included in this historic day.

One cannot ignore President Obama's children and the pride they showed in their father. The excitement on their little faces. How they bounced happily down those stairs. How beautiful they looked.

I did buy the paper today---the first edition of the Washington Post tonight. And I smiled. Not for what would come or what I disagreed with but with this moment and day. We cannot say that this day meant nothing. We will all remember it with good or bad thoughts.

So there's my random rant. My one day feeling. And today feels electric and it feels good. God only knows what President Obama will accomplish or disappoint. Right now, I'm proud to be a person living in a time where something this historical has happened. Tomorrow, next week, next month, the next 4 years I will be holding my breath and praying and more than likely disappointed.

His true color will come out. I only pray he will continue the feeling he started on this morning, January 20th, 2009.

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I am not going to flame you. If it had been a decent black man I would have rejoiced, but not Barrack Obama. You are a much better person than I.
No, not a better person at all. I didn't vote for him and disagree with him. I guess just being outside of Washington, the electricity was magnifying.

Dublin5, on Jan 20 2009, 09:47 PM, said:

No, not a better person at all. I didn't vote for him and disagree with him. I guess just being outside of Washington, the electricity was magnifying.

I think I am really upset about what the spectators did to President Bush all day. He looked as if he was going to cry. It was so wrong, it was so classless and I am so angry that the left would do this. Then to top it off Obama immediately set up a website that derided Bush after Bush treated him with the utmost respect, he is a disgrace to the office.
Well said Annie. You don't have to like the man or agree with a single thing he supports to appreciate that today is in fact an historic day for our great nation.
Kat---I completely agree. I'm just talking about--probably the shallow point of it and how I just looked at today as a historical event. I was very upset seeing President Bush and how ungrateful people are.
Thank you, Talie. I think you summed up my point.
Annie, I don't disagree with anything you said. No flames here
Thank you, Senrab. I can completely understand if people disagree. How did you feel today so close to everything?
I'm just disappointed that so many Americans do not know how to comport themselves in public. What should have been a beautiful event to remember was marred by crass stupidity of a few socially retarded morons. Kat's right, you'remore forgiving than a lotof us are, Ann.
LC--I agree with you. There were a ton of idiots who couldn't compose themselves and ruined part of this event. They'll get it though when this term goes on.
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