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Enough already. Just enough. I've been slowly simmering to a seething disgust at this whole Michael Jackson death.

First, the good about him. MJ was definately a talent. I came home and saw he had died on every station. It was weird, I grew up with him and his music. I loved his music. He was a phenomenal talent. That, I can't deny. I remember waiting anxiously to record the video for Thriller on MTV---set the Betamax (;)) sat there an hour ahead of time, etc. Was floored with Billy Jean and the tiger and the lit up cement blocks on the sidewalk. His glove. I watched the awards show and was on the moon walking wagon----spent hours trying to learn it. When I did, we all did that cheesily during school dances. He definately had a magical quality to him. I was more fascinated with Prince and my closest friend with MJ but still..

Now, he's dead. Ok---he's dead. Not a tear from me. I watched Farah Fawcett's bio on TV about her struggle and was in tears. Ed McMahon---in tears. Michael--no. And why? Things started happening to him. He owned a monkey, carried around that short guy from I forget which show (oh Webster and carried another midget around when Webster got too big), hung out with McCauley Culkin, some of the other Cory guys, wanted to buy the elephant man's bones, slept in a hyperbaric chamber, and the face transformation---wow. Now he was getting weird. He did manage to still be a genius working with his sister Janet, other albums, etc but now we were seeing he was off. Soon, his entire family started having the same facial features as MJ---the cheekbones, nose, etc. Just odd. He soon became a white woman. He named himself the King of Pop. Noone gave it to him---he did that. Then Neverland. Ok---fine. We all saw the movie and how he was allegedly abused by his dad. He didn't "have a childhood." Ok, I can understand Neverland.

What follows is even more disturbing. Accusations about child molestation---paying one child's family off. A child able to explain his penis. That passed and then resurfaced resulting in a long drawn out and extremely odd behaviour from him during the trial. Dancing on his car outside the court, pajamas, having the judge send people to get him because he was so late to multiple sessions, etc. Married Lisa Marie Presley. Married Rowe. Him admitting he grabbed his first son and running home with him, umbilical cord attached. Running off with his daughter Paris as soon as she was born. Saying Rowe gave them to him as a "gift." Those kids are whiter than I am. There is noway they are his. Oh---forgot his "skin condition" that turned him white. The umbrellas and masks---him and his children. Dangling a new child---God knows where he got Blanket--off a balconey. Manically feeding the baby with a green scarf coving the child's nose. Blanket is far from black as well and his mother is unknown. Him admitting it's okay and loving to share his bed with other children and THOSE PARENTS ALLOWING IT! Despite his prior accusation. It's "loving" and we all should do this. Am I forgetting anything? Oh--running to the Middle East and dressing in a burka. I'm sure there's more.

Here's the rant. I AM SO TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT HIM. Again---wonderful talent but a very sick man. An accused drug abuser and some very very powerful drug used to help him sleep that he somehow got. Demerol, Oxycontin, Propofol, Morphine----he has his kids in the house and he's got all these dangerous drugs in the house. The will----40% to mom and 40% to kids and 20% to charity. 40% to his kids??? Divide that by three. He wills his children to his mom (understandable) and secondary---an aging alcoholic diva. Hello???

Moment of silence in Congress???? WTF was that????? You have two other legends die the same week. One a Korean war veteran. Michael, an accused pediophile/ drug addict/ "eccentric"/ child dangling/ dress wearing/ made of plastic liar nose falling off black to white woman (btw--doesn't anyone remember the outrage when he turned white and seemed to denounce his heritage?)/ ass bancrupt money owing obsessive spender (he owes some Middle East guy I think 7 million)/ burka clad (ummm---that is a sign of oppression in a very uncivilized country and he is wearing one?)/ etc etc etc. and they give a moment of silence led by Jesse himself in our Congress. How DARE they. It makes me so sick that they can't honor or have a newsbroadcast on the day of 9-11 but 2 weeks of MJ? When's the Federal Day off going to be for him? Anyone care to guess? I certianly hope it is not during Black History Month---he didn't want to be a black man---remember everyone??

The minute he died---people out of the freaking woodwork. His brother, Jermaine, revelling in this on every station he can find. When has anyone seen Jermaine around him? Recently? Where's the supposed attention whore of the family--LaToya? Maybe with the rest of the family in mourning? Putting aside the interviews because she honestly did love her brother?

He killed himself. Why does Hollywood see this as tragic? Presley did, Health Ledger did---and they were all drug addicts. They didn't deserve to die but you would think someone would step in and say something like,"No, I'm not buying your drugs and I'm turning you into the police." The cash cow is now dead because you all around MJ fed him these drugs and didn't do anything. He had doctors and nurses living and traveling with him by the dozens and not one said,"No." Family didn't say,"No." An idol with a tragic story is born. Forget the beautiful woman struggling with metastatic anal cancer and speaking out about a potentially embarassing disease. Forget the legendary man who also served his Country----worship the self proclaimed King of Pop. I think he may have named himself that after his head caught fire doing the soda pop commercial. Egocentric and self centered and a liar. So out of touch with the real world that we had all become idiots he believed we believed the lies coming out of his mouth during interviews about the surgeries, the children, his children, etc.

Oh--I forgot I will give him also the monies he gave to charities.

There's my rant. On a man with friends as old as 13 or younger have cookies, warm milk, sharing a bed, and all normal. I think I'm done. I'm too mad about the Congress to even speak coherently (let alone rant on a blog coherently) to continue. So, you all feel free if you like. I'm pissed.

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Oh wait----I just saw the "nurse" on tv that told him he would die if he took that anesthesia and she wouldn't get it for him. Good for her but GET OFF THE TV!!! You aren't a Saint for saying that!!! Smart----not a Saint. What happened to patient privacy "Nurse?" Urggggggg It's like Obama saying, "No Iran, you all play nice or else..." "Iran, don't bring the tanks out or I'll put you in time out with all your nuclear weapon toys.."

How much are her and Jemaine getting for all this? Why didn't his TV whoring staff, family, and friends just take all the drugs and pitch them then haul his ass off to rehab?
Great rant!
And I have to completely agree with you about the insanity of Congress giving ANY "celebrity" a moment of notice, much less silence.
Again, great post, rant or not!! :nuts:
Because Americans are basically sheep fed on cheap entertainment and sweets to keep us from seeing what's going on in Washington.
The Media will look past Michael Jackson the Musician instead looking at the hard core drug addict he was and whether the person who possibly gave him the lethal dose of anesthetic will be charged..
Thanks, USNJIMRET. I couldn't believe it. Can you think of a moment Congress did this for another celebrity?

Cobalt and Brah--Exactly--on both points. I have never felt so insulted / ashamed / angry at our government as I did when I heard this moment of silence for an alleged pediophile and drug abuser. What has he done for this Country? Serve? No---music and little boys and some charities (aka probably the drug dealers to keep them away from his family---pay them off) maybe. I have never felt this disgusted with our Country. We have men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq and the rest of the world and not one moment of silence for them.

Congress should hold as many moments as it takes to pause and read the names of those men and women killed in the line of duty monthly.
Yeah, yeah, I'll think about him every time I have a glass of Jesus juice. IMHO I think he killed himself because he was afraid people would see what a sick, frail shell of himself he'd become if he did the London concerts.
I forgot about the Jesus juice!!! Maybe he did kill himself----people who are going to seem the happiest prior to doing it. Maybe you're right on that.
Great rant. My sentiments EXACTLY! What is it about death that washed away all his sleaze and craziness? (And now, be prepared to hear how heartless you are--but not from me.)

BRAH, on Jul 3 2009, 10:45 PM, said:

The Media will look past Michael Jackson the Musician instead looking at the hard core drug addict he was and whether the person who possibly gave him the lethal dose of anesthetic will be charged..

Bread and circuses, it's happened before.
What? Michael Jackson died??
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