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Your Favorite Decade?

I just finished watching a hilarious movie/ documentary by Allen Funt (Candid Camera) called "Money Talks." The basics? What would you do for money? Would you try to move a car with the tire sitting on a five dollar bill? Would you work answering phones for a well to do business man only to find out answering the phone led to,"How much would it cost to off people and can I get a discount?" What would you do if you were following a woman who kept dropping money on the street? Would you actually trust a "money washer" only to find it shredding all your bills? Asking a little girl if it were better to be rich or poor---which would she think is better? And the old game of glueing dollar bills to the street.

Many of you all reading this may not remember the 70s. The music, the great TV shows, Bugs Bunny all Saturday morning at nine am (my dad and I would watch this religiously and die laughing), the movies that were oh so dramatic and how they ended leaving you with a "I don't get the ending and what happened next?!?! It can't end like this!!!", oh--and the horror shows. Some of the scariest horror shows. The cars and the colours of the cars. They did seem to run forever though---didn't they? No seatbelts, no car seats. How many of you wore a body harness in the car that still allowed you to stand up? How many of you were actually left in the car with the windows down while mom ran into the store? The candy---buttons where you ate them with your teeth scraping them off the strip of paper. Wax bottles you could chew and that wonderful little squirt of juice then chewing the wax the rest of the day. Shag rugs anyone? Houses decorated in brown and orange? (Where's Lori's baby picture??? ;) )

So, what was your favorite decade? What do you remember? Sure, safety increased each decade but what horrifying things do you remember you were allowed to do that people would gasp at today? The colours, the hair, the clothes, the TV shows, the movies, the house decorations, the music, the cars, etc. Take a walk down memory lane and (to be corney).......

You're on Candid Camera!!!!!

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Oh geez, I’ve been walking down lots of memory lanes today with the musical memories thread in chit chat and now this.

I think my favorite decade actually spans two – mid 50’s to early 60’s. To quote Harper Lee “my memory came alive” around 1956 but my memory of those years is mostly in black and white and how comforting is that??? I grew up in West Philly, the summer sounds I remember are radios playing the hits and broadcasting the Phillies games that played as sort of a background to everything we did. You couldn’t really go anywhere on my street without hearing them. There were actually street vendors selling clothesline poles, they sold their wares in sort of a sing-song voice as they walked through the allies between the streets “clothesline poles! clothesline poles!” If you know what I’m talking about you’re old, if not you missed something very cool . And playing our summer games – half ball, wall ball, dodge ball, war and the ever so important selling & trading of comic books (oh God – comic books!) & Bazooka Bubble Gum cards & wrappers. I should point out that most of the kids on my street where boys so the two lone girls had to do a lot of boy stuff if we wanted to play.

Winter didn’t have a lot of background music; I remember the crunch of snow – forts, snowball fights. Hanging onto the rear bumpers of car in the snow; a city kid’s version of skiing.

The early 60’s – Freedom 7, what else??. I was in “grade school” (that’s what we called elementary school - don’t ask me why); we had an assembly with a TV on the stage (black and white) to watch the launch. What a day and I think that day marked the beginning of my love for all things “up there”.

I was a kid and I know that my good and warm feelings for those years are simply due to that fact – I was safe and cared for. The biggest decision I had to make was which dress to put on my Barbie. Even so it was a good time and still my favorite “decade”.
To me this one is sort of tough. I guess a mix of the 50's and the 70's but for superficial reasons.

I have 4 of the aluminum vintage America car posters http://artafterdark....axyNeon-lg2.jpg http://artafterdark....lin_lg2neon.jpg I love the entire drive-in battleship-sized cars that got 5 mpg but looked so awesome that it didn't matter (especially the copped Mercury in the wheelin'dealin one) and i Love all the 50's sci-fi & horror movies.

When it comes to the 70's I love the muscle cars and the music a lot more, as far as I'm concerned musicly the 70's were when rock'n roll was at its best.

I loved the 70's. First job, first girlfriend, first car.
My favorite decade has to be the 60's. It was the most eventful decade of my life and anyone old enough to have lived through it probably feels the same way.

Some of my favorite memories of the 60's:

Roger Maris' 61 homers with Mantle right behind.

1000 days of the Camelot White House. JFK was actually conservative by today's standards (back when Democrats were Democrats...not Socialists). His tax cuts set off a great run of economic growth for the U.S. He inspired us to land on the moon within the decade...a seemingly impossible feat.

Graduating from High School in '64 and our basketball team winning the Illinois state championship my senior year.

The Beatles and the British Invasion exploding on the American pop charts in the mid-60's.

Muhammad Ali stopping Sonny Liston twice to take the heavyweight championship. Ali would be at his untouchable peak from '64 till '67 when he was stripped of his title for refusing to be drafted into the military.

Dropping out of Illinois State in '65 to take a job with Caterpillar Tractor Company. I operated a radial drill press for $3.62 an hour (great money in those days). The economy was booming and it felt good to be in demand for a nice-paying manufacturing job at age 19.

Unfortunately, the war in Vietnam was picking up steam. My draft status was 1-A and I had already been called up for my physical. I knew that dreaded draft notice would be arriving any day. So I enlisted in the Navy to hopefully avoid going to Nam. Just my luck...the Navy made me a Hospital Corpsman (not my first choice). I graduated 5th in a company of 66 (why didn't I study like this at ISU?), then graduated 5th in a class of 18 at Neuropsychiatric Technician School at Philadelphia Naval Hospital.

By '68, I ended up in Vietnam anyway. At least I was fortunate to put in my one-year tour of duty at the Naval Support Activity Hospital in Danang. Not that it was totally without incident (the VC managed to hit us with rocket and mortar attacks about once a month). But it was nothing like being assigned to the Marines would have been (Navy Corpsmen are where the Marines get their medics FYI).

Took my R&R in Sydney, Australia in the summer of '69. I expected it to be chilly in the southern hemisphere at that time of year. But, it was quite warm at our brief stopover at Darwin in northern Australia...tiny airport...Aborigines all over the place...everybody wearing shorts. Then we got down to Sydney and it was really cold. I spent six days walking around Sydney in a short-sleeve shirt. I was actually happy to be headed back to the warmth of Vietnam after freezing my butt off in Australia.

Just before my tour in Vietnam ended in July of '69, the Apollo 11 moon landing took place. A week later, a South Vietnamese teenager showed me the cover of Newsweek magazine. The kid couldn't speak much English. He just pointed at the picture of Buzz Aldrin standing in his spacesuit on the moon and said "Numbah one!" I got his message and I just grinned. I've never been more proud of my country than I was at that moment.

We flew back to the states via Flying Tiger Airlines...with stopovers at little Wake Island and Honolulu. A huge cheer erupted from everyone on our plane as we landed at Norton AFB in California. Only now could we feel like we had made it through our year of hell. We were home again in one piece. A lot of our troops didn't come back and I will never forget the price they paid for their country during an unpopular war when U.S. soldiers were spit on by peace protesters. But for us on that plane that day in July of '69, arriving home again was just pure elation that I've never felt before or since.

Without a doubt, despite the unpopular war, the assassinations, the civil unrest, the 60's was the most eventful decade of my life. The greatest decade of music, the awesome feats of our space program and our astronauts with the "right stuff", and the great sporting events...all this made the 60's my favorite decade.
Beef---not superficial at all! Those posters are fantastic. I love them. I'm a bit torn on the music. While I love the 80s stuff (my teenage years) the 60s and backwards are my favorites. I love the sound of big band, Ella Fitzgerald, "old" gospel, the WWI and II music, etc...all those songs that were so easy to sing along to and just got your spirit filled with some sort of nostalgia we never lived through.

Horseman--I can see why the 70s would be your favourite. :) I'm sure there were some great memories there. What was your job? What kind of car? Did you marry your sweetheart (or was it just a fling thing? :lol: )

Alamanni--thank you so much for posting all that and your for your service. That was an amazing post. I was one year shy of the moon landing. I agree with the Democrats being Democrats and not what their party has morphed into these days. The part about your plane landing----couldn't even imagine how you felt. That is one heck of a memory. Mohammed Ali----he was the greatest. I wish I had seen that. I didn't know the part of him being stripped of his title for refusing to be drafted. Vietnam? I can't help but think of those soldiers being called "Baby killers" and spat on returning home. Now, they have thier tribute which is the most beautiful memorial I have ever seen---The Wall in DC. I was there the weekend the WWII memorial opened and Rolling Thunder was incredibly touching with the Vietnam Veterans giving rides to the WWII Veterans. Not one person spoke walking along that wall with all the names on it and noone touched the cigarrettes, notes, flowers, etc at the base. Watching families taking pencil sketchings of their loved ones names----just amazing and so sad and humbling.
Back of the Book---I was thinking about how I remembered the 70s in a brownish colour so it is wild you posted about the black and white memories! Clothesline poles? :lol: What was that? I think I would have loved to have lived in the 50s and 60s. You're right---alot more background "music" and alot less "noise" like we have now. And how wonderful to listen to the games on radio? I love clips of those now and it just seems so innocent and terribly exciting. You had to be a good broadcaster to bring the visual of being AT the game. Do you agree?

Also, a great post. Thank you.
Coming to age in the 70's, still listening to the great music (not on a platter or a tape) but now on little compressed digital files, sorted by Artist, Album, Genre or Year. I opened the decade with GFR Closer to Home in Junior High and ended it with Van Halen's first album married with a son and as a Private in the Army.
Duty Honor Country---my brain is freezing---GFR? Oh--I know that and it's stuck....right...there in the front of my forehead! :) You are organized with your music! I can't find half my CDs. And, this is scary, I have yet to own an IPod.

Thank you for your service, too. Van Halen was never the same again---was it?

(Anyone I'm missing in responding to your post----please wave! It's not intentional. :lol: )

Dublin5, on Aug 2 2009, 05:56 PM, said:

Duty Honor Country---my brain is freezing---GFR? Oh--I know that and it's stuck....right...there in the front of my forehead! :lol: You are organized with your music! I can't find half my CDs. And, this is scary, I have yet to own an IPod.

Thank you for your service too. Van Halen was never the same again---was it?
Grand Funk Railroad.

Oh, and don't throw away your CD's after you rip them into mp3's....your computer or player may crash. :)

Duty Honor Country, on Aug 2 2009, 05:58 PM, said:

Dublin5, on Aug 2 2009, 05:56 PM, said:

Duty Honor Country---my brain is freezing---GFR? Oh--I know that and it's stuck....right...there in the front of my forehead! :lol: You are organized with your music! I can't find half my CDs. And, this is scary, I have yet to own an IPod.

Thank you for your service too. Van Halen was never the same again---was it?
Grand Funk Railroad.

Oh, and don't throw away your CD's after you rip them into mp3's....your computer or player may crash. :D

Oh thank you!!! I felt a release from my forehead! :)

I have no idea how to "rip" a CD into mp3s. :) I'm still on dial up at home. (don't faint---hence all the spelling errors when this blog was initially posted.) Right now---I'm on a really good computer! :)
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