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So, we all saw the devestating pictures of the East Coast one two punch with snow. My computer has been out so I want to focus on the aftermath and of course, some ranting.

First, we were hit in December and then February with two large storms. I have to give it to the snow plow drivers who tried their best to keep up with the mess. I keep hearing complaints and can't help but wonder why these extraordinary circumstances these men and women had to face wasn't taken into consideration. They worked 24/7 to try to keep up. Most people wouldn't bother to dig out their own cars yet they expected these people to have their roads cleared in 24. I still see cars buried under snow. Maybe, the people bitching should dig out their own cars and shovel their own walks before bitching about the men and women who stayed up days to keep up with the mess of that amount of snow? If you can't dig out your own car or walkway or help neighbors dig out then take some consideration on the people that have to plow the stretches of road---just maybe a thought.

The weeks have passed and the snow is melting. I sent some pics to a friend that are appalling regarding the trash. One, the trash collectors probably can't keep up. The mail carriers can't get to the mailboxes. The firefighters can't find the fire hydrants. These are just a few things.

One I am focusing on is the trash. I walked out of my home, a townhome developement, to notice the 10 ft high pile of snow littered with dirty diapers, beer bottle, trash bags on top of the pile, an air filter, rotting food, and numerous other things sliding down the mound of snow at the end of the street. Absolutely appaling and beyond a smell you can imagine. I was wondering why I noticed a few flies in the middle of winter. Now I saw why. I sent pics to a friend tonight via my blackberry who will hopefully be able to send them or post them for me. The wonders of Herndon, Virginia. Meanwhile, during this, I am hit with a bill and a threat on a lien against my house because the home owner's assoc noticed I didn't paint the base of my chimney on my roof white. I guess the methane from the diapers decided on thier priorities.

Did I mention my shovel was stolen off my front porch in December? I found out who the culprets were as I had to try to continue working from home. I noticed a neighbor and his wife both shovelling a path to the parking lot. The wife had my shovel. When I went outside, the shovel disappeared and they came up to me. I had gone outside to shovel my walkway with a garden shovel. They denied having a second shovel when I saw them this last storm when both shovelled their car out. Both came back with one shovel and when I asked to borrow the shovel since they had two, they denied it to my face. Sad thing is, I would have gladly given it to them or lent it to them had they asked. The wife pretended to not speak English and I told the husband I didn't want to take his ONLY shovel. Sad how petty people become (including myself in this scenerio).

Another thing, no neighborly help. Noone helped each other. I did have two teenagers come to help me but that was it. I had to be out there for a bit looking like a mess before they offered. No complaints here about them but I do remember a day when my neighbors who had teenagers would just help or if they had a husband would just go ahead and do another neighbor's walkway to help without asking. I did my neighbor's with a garden shovel just because one strip of a 6 ft walkway was no big deal and I was out there already. That doesn't happen where I live anymore. I even asked if a neighbor's teenage son could help me and offered to pay. The kid, it was the middle of the afternoon, screamed down to his dad he was sleeping.

Any thoughts on a four day government closure from anyone? Maybe someone can offer a different perspective. I know, from working in DC, that DC is mostly commuters and safety had to come first. BUT, the trains in DC are underground and I don't remember a closure like this. Maybe one day but then libral leave moving foward. Kindof scary if there were a true emergancy and only a little snow storm shuts the government down completely for 4 days.

Anyway, my issues on the table. :)

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Wow, Dub. That is amazing. I saw the trash by the back door of the White House (as the Dalai Lama was being led out), so I knew it was bad.

How long did the HOA give you to paint your chimney? What a bunch of a-holes.

A good trick is to paint your name and address on things like your shovel (and your trash cans). Then scum like those neighbors will start thinking twice!
You don't have to write your name and address, just paint it shocking pink, or screaming orange. Or write "the person using this shovel has a skunk butt" in spanish (or the language your neighbor speaks) in block letters on the flat part of the shovel.
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