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Life and the Left

I wonder what type of funeral Tookie will have? Star studded? Speeches? Limosines? Flowers? Ahhh..here it is:


Becnel said she was planning a memorial service "befitting a statesman" for Sunday or Monday in Los Angeles. She said Williams asked to be cremated and have his ashes spread in South Africa. Foxx and rapper Snoop Dogg are expected to attend, she said.Link
A funeral befitting a statesman. Not a murderer. Something some people have forgotten about. It never ceases to amaze me that the left will fight for the life of a convicted killer yet forget the victims. Don't put it past the left to be the first ones to scream they are victimized however. Ironic. But this is how their definition of life is viewed in their own skewed minds. Use vicitm only when due and when it will be a benifit to them or their cause. Life is a term to be used and designated to only those who speak the loudest. A man on death row can still speak while his victims can't. So therefore he shall get the sympathy. Is their terminology of life skewed or their terminology of a victim skewed? Seems they are confused on both issues.Then we get the ever heated debate of abortion and what is life or the it's my body argument. I wrote this in one of Chris Naron's blogs that I had wanted to remain annonymous about but not now:


Ask them about the death penalty and they are all over defending the possible innocence but on a clear innocence of a child there is no law. Suddenly with the death penalty there are protection rights and the right to a fair trial. In essence, we are sentencing children to death only because they can't speak, hire a lawyer, stand before a jury, and protect themselves. But that's ok. It's not something that can be judicially overturned. Horseshit.We know without a doubt that every child conceived is innocent. However, we protect the rights of the one in a thousand that may be on death row and innocent. Even people sentanced to death get a last appeal before death. Does that happen in the womb? No. Then it becomes blown off as a woman's right. Not a man's right to father a child but a woman and her body. These days with all the information out there people know that sex=pregnancy. But they continue to do it without birth control or the responsibility that comes along with it. If you contract AIDS or an STD with sex you get help with insurance, familiar support, unemployment, etc. And it is known these days that if you don't use a condom you run the chance of getting this. Just like in pregnancy. However, the laws are allowing the pregnancy aspect of sex and lack of control equivalent to an STD by allowing abortion or a cure to pregnancy.To conceive is to create life. But the laws of Roe v Wade has now diminished conception to an STD and how to cure it. The line of life has blurred to a line of convenience. Yes, it's your body. But when you lay down with a man it takes on the responsibility of creating another body. Not a disease. Not an inconvenience (inconvenient only to the child that is being killed. Abortion is a convenience to the "mother." )And the rape/incest is the 1 in a 1000 that people refuse to defend but will scream the loudest that the 1 innocent on death row receive that chance. Sickening. Absolutely sickening and disappointing.Link
Let me ask the Left what their definition of a life is? What is their definition of a victim? Obviously, a victim to the left is not the murdered. Or the families of the murdered that couldn't afford to bury their loved ones in a statesman's funeral. And their lives are explained away on the possible repentance of the man that held the gun to their head and terrorized them. Life isn't a life if it isn't allowed to form either. If it's taken care of quickly enough it can be explained away according to the left. And if there is a larger star with more story power present they will leech off that. Listening to all the whining and screeching of the left about what is so unfair, it's no wonder people don't hear the silent messages of the true victims.

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Well-said, Annie!! DAMN well-said!

And welcome to the blogospere!! :hug:
Annie! :hug: Cograts on the blog!

As to the subject, I agree with your premise. I believe I have said as much, though not so fluidly as you have here.

Death penalty bad - unless it is for the unborn. What a twisted length of logic.

Good luck blogging! I look forward to the next one!
AKA: BARman29
Here's your coffee.

Very passionately stated. I don't have my head in the sand about this issue. I know it's a horrible, messy practice. I just can't get past the intrusiveness of our government saying whether the decision to go through with birth or not is no longer an individuals. I'll just continue on being in the minority on this issue.
Thanks Jax, BARman, and especially for the coffee O's Fan! :hug: I used to be pro choice and changed my views in my 20s. I just couldn't see a pregnant woman as an individual. I couldn't argue myself past that. Then people can argue how I can be pro life and still for the death penalty? Which is an honest question that I'm still arguing with myself on to be quite honest.
Great blog, Annie! :hug:
Well, said, Annie! I think our society is in deep peril when murderers are honored. It reminds me that deeply dysfunctional societies have been doing this for a long time.
It's interesting that the debate is usually about something irrelavent. The main point pro-lifers make is that you can't kill an innocent human being just on the off chance that it's not really a human being. That's it. None of the stuff about unwanted children growing up in bad areas or the stuff about individual choice, women's liberation or patriarchal male opression have anything to do with the issue. If you're staring down a mugger's gun barrel, do you give a holy hoot if it's the government, a crazy Evangelical or a feminist who saves your life? If they stand around arguing over nonsense like choice and whether or not you'll go on to have a decent life, you're going to scream "THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!! HE'S GOING TO FREAKING KILL ME!!!"
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