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Entries in November 2016
13 Have we Reached Peak Racism? Comments 3
12 All Time Greatest Rock Song About...Time Comments 36
11 How to Apply Rhetorical Jiu Jitsu: Abortion and Illegal Immigration Comments 7
09 What's With the Name Change? Comments 16
Entries in April 2016
04 Lies Don't Die, They Move to Your Timeline Comments 2
Entries in March 2016
28 Internet Memes: Hot Garbage Fires of Rhetoric Comments 10
27 God Makes Uselful that Which is Useless Comments 16
18 A Speech for Every Politician Comments 2
06 Why is Easter a Big Deal? Comments 9
Entries in January 2016
11 All Time Greatest David Bowie Song Comments 10
Entries in December 2015
22 Star Wars Episode 7 is Just a Movie Comments 17
21 1932: The Lightweights Who Would be Heavy Comments 4
13 What if Obama Wants Higher Gun Sales? Comments 4
10 Dinesh D'Souza's a Pimp Comments 28
06 Beware These Gun Control Narratives Comments 2
03 How Prayer and Gun Control can Both Work Comments 4
01 Are the Majority of Violent Criminals Democrats? Comments 4
Entries in November 2015
25 A Time for Truth: Ted Cruz Gets It Comments 3
24 Saints and Strangers: Surprisingly Good Comments 2
23 Has Conservatism Become a Beta Ideology? Comments 4
22 Good Point! Comments 13
19 How do Republicans Ever Get Elected President? Comments 6
17 Is Ted Cruz Pro-Amnesty or Not? Comments 6
15 Butter Comments 2
14 All Time Greatest Song About France Comments 25
12 No, the Missouri Protest Will Not Change Football Comments 2
11 Ben Carson's Pyramid Scheme Comments 8
Entries in August 2015
15 All Time Greatest Fall Playlist Comments 0
11 Football Rules: The Gelding of America Comments 19
Entries in July 2015
08 Two Positive Developments on Immigration Comments 0
07 Scott Walker: Unintimidated Comments 14
03 Merica! Comments 2
02 Donald Trump Supporters are Rubes Comments 40
Entries in June 2015
30 Are You Prepared for a Recession? Comments 53
29 Gay Marriage is Cultural Appropriation Comments 10
20 Dylan Roof and Cotton Communism Comments 2
12 In Praise of #WrongSkin Pioneers of the Past Comments 14
03 What Caused the Rise of New Conservatism in the US Between 1960 and 1989? Comments 6
Entries in May 2015
28 What's the Real Reason for the Iran Nuclear Deal? Comments 5
27 The Gender Inequality Death Gap Comments 1
25 How to Beat the Establishment Candidate Comments 2
24 Rehabilitation of Hitler Alert Comments 2
23 All Time Greatest Use of a Rock Song in a Commercial Comments 24
22 Why are Kids Abandoning Football? Comments 11
19 How Would You Change the Debates? Comments 7
12 When Did You Stop Believing in Politics? Comments 13
Entries in April 2015
18 All Time Greatest Song for Losers Comments 22
11 How To Fix American History Comments 11
Entries in March 2015
28 All Time Greatest Song About a Monster Comments 19
27 Strike Two Against Scott Walker? Comments 8
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World's Shortest Movie Reviews
American Sniper: Bradly Cooper=Best Actor
The Arroyo: Had a Pureflix feel to the acting, but well shot. Great conservative movie.
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: As usual, the third installment is the best--having an ending really helped.
The Maze Runner: The perfect metaphor for moving to Detroit.
Dumb and Dumber To: More jokes. Cruder jokes. Someone gets hooked on crack.
Snowpiercer: Joe Biden's idea of heaven. Everyone on the Earth living on a train. Captain America admits he was going to eat Billy Elliot.
Hunger Games: Catching Fire: This is what the world would look like without college football.
Interstellar 2001:A Space Odyssey with a soul. You will get very thirsty, so hydrate before viewing.
When the Game Stands Tall Proves my theory that it's worse when you win.
Guardians of the Galaxy Make a fun adventure movie about space and make a ton of money. Who knew? I mean, besides that Lucas guy.
Blended I don't get the "Billy Madison is genius, Blended is crap" review. It's as good as any other Sandler movie.
Mom's Night Out Hilarious. You will laugh unless you drive a black BMW and watch sunsets at the golf course.
The Amazing Spiderman 2 This series is still better than the Toby McGuire one. I actually cared if Gwen Stacy died.
Odd Thomas I understand the critics who didn't like the uneven tone. Way uneven. Still worth watching on Netflix.
Star Trek Into DarknessGood movie. Please, for the love of tribbles, let old Spock die.
Grown Ups 2 Critics, attack. Whatever you want to say about this one, I'm okay with it.
Thor: The Dark World Still very, very good. But I'd like an entire Thor movie set just in Asgard.