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Rhetorical Fallacy: Getting every part wrong.

FDR did not rescue the US from the Great Depression. Goosed GNP does not signal a recovery, and unemployment remained at or above 15% for his entire pre-war tenure. The fact that it came down off a high of 25% is no argument for his policies given the fact that unemployment always recovers much, much faster than it did in the 1930s. Doing nothing would have been preferable.

Then there was the "Second Depression". It's usually blamed on a reduction in spending, but spending was reduced in other periods and no depression followed.

FDR did not create the middle class. Far from it. The middle class is the result of the massive drops in costs of production for fuels and materials (steel, plastics, etc.) and the enormous increases in productivity that followed. All of which occured before FDR rolled up to the White House. All that was left was bringing the American workforce off the farm and into the higher productivity jobs. World War II sped up the final phase of this in the 40s, 50s and 60s. When that phase ended, productivity gains became harder to come by. But socialists not only like to steal other people's money, they also like to take credit for earning it, too.

Several states already had minimum wages, and they were meant to price women, immigrants and blacks out of the workforce.

Poverty still exists among the elderly. Unless the Democrats are lying.

Rhetorical Goal: conjure the great ghost of a liberal Saint to lend it's gravitas to Bernie Sanders, Hillary, or Obama depending on which one is spewing socialist nonsense. Most won't know jack squat one way or another. They'll vaguely remember the smoke their HS and college history teachers blew up FDR's butt and assume it's true. It's not.

Read a Book:

FDR's Folly

New Deal or Raw Deal

Illiberal Reformers

My Mind is Clean

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If FDR created such an Utopian government, why are we in such a mess now? Oh, I forgot. It's Bush's fault.

Wag-a-Muffin (D), on 05 April 2016 - 08:04 AM, said:

If FDR created such an Utopian government, why are we in such a mess now? Oh, I forgot. It's Bush's fault.

And if we were supposed to take his policies to their logical conclusion in order to continue "rescuing" the country, wouldn't that lead to...socialism?
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