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I didn't write the following, but I very well could have:


As a 46 year old white male, Iíd like to give my perspective for the various liberals and leftists who comment here (and Iím truly glad you are here).

By your definition, Iím a racist, and I just donít care anymore. I donít believe Iím actually a racist, but youíre going to label me that way anyway, so Iíll just accept it. Iím a racist based on your definition. Fine. I wonít argue, Iíll just acknowledge you are right. Iím guilty of racism. Frankly, Iíve given up trying to prove youíre wrong. Hell, youíll call me a racist for thinking algebra should be taught in school, and gifted programs should be kept even if they ďlack diversity.Ē

And so now, if I can be so bold, hereís my response: ďSo what? I get it. Iím a racist. Do you have anything else to say? Now that youíve defined me as a racist, should I just disappear? Should I just admit that you are right, and come around to your way of thinking? What, exactly, do you want me to do? Because I still think about the issues affecting this country in the exact same way.Ē

Read the Whole Thing

I would have added that there are plenty of worse things to be than a racist. (Normally, this is the part where I'd add a disclaimer about not actually being a racist, but not anymore.) So many leftists have skated by on the one virtue they could at least fake that it has left our political discourse as sincere and edifying as a Negan speech.

The following things are worse than being racist:

1. Baby Killer

Infanticide is infanticide no matter how you slice it. If you practice it or support its practice, you're infinitely worse than a racist. In fact, this issue is the flip side of the coin. Conservatives have listened far too long to liberals, moderates, and their own tone police when it comes to talking about abortion. "Don't call them baby killers." Why not? Kill an actual baby, you get a nifty euphemism. Oppose school busing, RACIST!!! I'd much rather be a racist than a baby killer.

2. Murderer

OJ Simpson separated two peoples' heads from their necks, and Mark Fuhrman is more frightening a name to black children. In the most recent Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War, one of the heroes quips that he's going to "go Mark Fuhrman" on someone. The line was written by either Christopher Markus or Stephen McFeely, the screen writing team for the movie. Both of them whiter than snow. In their minds, it was "funny" to have one of their black super heroes bash the straw man that Mark Fuhrman is somehow menacing. Why? Because he chopped two unsuspecting people's heads off? No, because he used a racial epithet back in the 80s. Oh, and because he was so cowed by society's inflated fear of racism, he lied about using more racial epithet's since then. OJ walked in part because of it. You know, the actual murderer.

3. Open border advocate

Advocating for open borders is worse than being a racist because it enables all kinds of national decay, including unenforceable laws against murder, sex trafficking, and racketeering. Illegals can pop over, kill, and go back. They can kidnap and sell children into slavery. They can terrorize the neighborhoods where people live who risked their lives to get here, to get away from the thugs. Whatever "racist" attitudes some whites might have about immigrants are completely irrelevant, and constant harping about them is a thinly disguised fallacy meant to avoid dealing with the truth.

There are more, but you get the point. No one should ever let a Satan worshiping pedophile discredit them with weak accusations of racism. Or whatever. There are plenty of deplorables to choose from.

My Mind is Clean

5 Comments On This Entry

Spot on my friend, spot on. I would add traitor to the list.

cobalt-blue, on 29 November 2016 - 07:59 AM, said:

Spot on my friend, spot on. I would add traitor to the list.

Definitely. And thank you.
IMHO the word 'racist' has no meaning any more anyway.

Like so many other epithets the left has co-opted for their own purposes, whenever I hear the word these days it usually ends up telling me more about the person pejoratively applying the term than about the person they are ostensibly referring to.

I would consider myself as 'color-blind' as any, And I take seriously what a fellow human being once said about "judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin". But since I don't worship Obama, and I don't believe in quotas, preferences, or Affirmative Action', and I would ESPECIALLY like to see both welfare/benefits fraud and illegal immigration kept down to at least a dull roar, apparently *I* am the "racist".

If it can be said about someone like ME, then it has absolutely no meaning whatsoever.
Chris, I'm sure that you're like me in that just by having grown up to some degree in the State of Mississippi you're a racist by default. I actually saw someone on fb claim that a friend of mine was obviously a racist since he had gone to college in MS. No other reason, just that.

Mrdirt73, on 29 November 2016 - 12:56 PM, said:

Chris, I'm sure that you're like me in that just by having grown up to some degree in the State of Mississippi you're a racist by default. I actually saw someone on fb claim that a friend of mine was obviously a racist since he had gone to college in MS. No other reason, just that.

And having gone to college and grad school in California makes me an avocado. :thumbsup:
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