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RightNation.US: How Should Schools Handle Inauguration Day Walkouts? - RightNation.US

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We've already had one walkout. It was small, but news of it made it onto talk radio. One student spoke very disrespectfully to one of my colleagues who was just trying to indulge her. I didn't say anything because the situation was controlled and no one got violent. However, I think it was a big mistake to allow the kind of disrespect shown to some of the teachers. Not to mention the fact that when Obama was inaugurated eight years ago, we packed the kids into our gym and streamed his speech on a huge screen. While I don't expect our 80% Hispanic population to celebrate Trump's ascendancy to the Cherry Blossom Throne like they did Obama's, is it too much for me to ask that they behave respectfully?

Why do they think being disrespectful to the new president is acceptable? I can only discern motives from reading statements about the planned walkouts:


A Trump presidency represents a serious danger for millions of women, immigrants, LGBTQ people, Muslims, and all working people. His administration is preparing to further defund and dismantle our public education system. Like we have in the past, students will need to play a major role in building the fight-back against Trump’s attacks.

Never mind that Trump won the women's vote. Women vote to avoid danger, so how could Trump represent a danger much less a "serious" one?

Immigrants, if anyone, might have a reason to be nervous, but even that case is overblown. Trump has been all over the place on the issue, but he's remained consistent on two things: He's going to build a wall, and he's going to let more H1Bs into the country. If you're an illegal immigrant, you MIGHT get deported. But I suspect the main reason people are upset on this score is that Trump said some very blunt things about the criminality bred by chaotic immigration policy. One of my students even told me that people are upset because of what he says, not what he does.

If you're LGBTQ, you have nothing to worry about unless Trump gets assassinated and Pence becomes president, implementing his shock therapy for gays policy. (Not really, but you might want to put the word out to the Gay Mafia that Trump's under your protection just to be sure.)

I don't know what to tell Muslims except there are some contradictions becoming apparent. If Islam is the Religion of Peace, we should be seeing peace breaking out all over the Middle East. It should be able to transcend tribal and ethnic differences. Also, the backlash against Muslims, while real I'm told, seems to be strongly augmented by hoaxes. Why hoax when, as I'm told, there are plenty of examples of backlash?

And, finally, the American worker. The American worker elected Trump. The Democrats AND the GOP establishment lost the American worker because they put globalism and socialism ahead of the American worker. "Free" trade has been fetishized, and the American worker has been very patient waiting for comparative advantage fantasies and Keynesian stimulus mirages to manifest. They're done waiting. They want free markets, but they don't want globalist finance schemes. I have no idea if Trump is going to actually pull off his version of populist economics, but it's ironic that socialists, who lionize the American worker, think Trump is somehow a threat to the latter. After all, populism has historically been the hand maiden to the American version of socialism.

I'm not saying Trump is a socialist or even a populist in the traditional sense, but someone needs to explain to the children getting ready to have their hissy fit on inauguration day that the American worker is actually excited about it.


Many young people have grown up surrounded by a failing capitalist system. We’ve seen how the 1% gets bailed out while our families remain in hardship. We are told there is not enough money to fund education, community services, or affordable housing, yet we have been in wars for oil for 15 years, wasting trillions of dollars. Now, we have a billionaire bigot as president who has absolutely nothing in common with ordinary people.

You grew up with Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama. They were the WWE presidents. Sure they talked mountains of crap about each other, but behind the scenes, they were building the same globalist/finance, elite driven economy you misidentify as "capitalism". You wouldn't know capitalism if it spilled Kvass on our Che shirt. You hate globalism, right? Why you loved Obama is beyond me, but even you'll agree that Hillary was one of the bad guys. Why else didn't your ilk vote for her like they voted for Obama? Hmm?

It seems to me like you should wait for Trump to DO something before you walk out. Either way, people like myself are going to have to deal with it. And people like me have been very patient and tolerant. The lesson you're teaching us is that it's your way or you'll literally take to the highway. If that's how it's going to be, how can you expect us to sit back and take the disrespect?

Just remember, you can't be Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King without going to jail. And unless you're jailed in an act of righteousness, your movement will have no effect. So think about that. Are you sure that walking out on inauguration day is a righteous act? (Hint: It's not. Not even close.)

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Easy-kids who are out that day, make up school on Saturday or add a day after everyone else has gone home for summer.&nbsp; Adult supervision by fellow whiny snowflake teachers-I am sure you know a LOT of them, Mr. N- the ones who showed up at school on November 9th with puffy, red eyes,&nbsp;downcast looks, and usually drive a hybrid.<br></p>

swede1962, on 23 December 2016 - 01:36 PM, said:

&lt;p&gt;Easy-kids who are out that day, make up school on Saturday or add a day after everyone else has gone home for summer.&amp;nbsp; Adult supervision by fellow whiny snowflake teachers-I am sure you know a LOT of them, Mr. N- the ones who showed up at school on November 9th with puffy, red eyes,&amp;nbsp;downcast looks, and usually drive a hybrid.&lt;br&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

I don't know any who will walk out with the students, but plenty are indulging them.
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