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RightNation.US: Put the Holiday Tree next to the Holiday Candelabra - RightNation.US

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I was talking with some friends in Rhode Island about how this time of year the RI State house has a Holiday Tree instead of a Christmas Tree.

I thought it should be called a Christmas Tree because there are two Christmases. You have Christian Christmas and Secular Christmas. As a solitary practitioner I will be quietly celebrating Yule this year, but I will on December 25th sharing gifts with my friends and family. No one will be saying that because I am not a Christian they are not accepting my gifts or refusing to give me any gifts.

One of my friends made an interesting point about RI Holiday Tree. It is right next to the Menorah. He was angry that the state house will not put up a Christmas Tree, but will put up a Menorah. I pointed out to him that in fairness they should start calling it a Holiday Candelabra.

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Good point. I guess the Jews that run Rhode Island behind the scenes wouldn't put up with it.

Or, if there are liberals reading, "Zionists". See, that's their code word for Jews.
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