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A short deviation from blogging on wonderful Riga is a tribute to music. Way back in 1987, I discovered a band from Kansas City called "The Rainmakers". This was before I consciously realized that I was interested in politics and The Rainmakers music really struck me as interesting. Last night after watching VH-1 top 10 80s videos (haven't seen VH-1 for a long time), I was was in the mood for more music from my high school years and thanks to You Tube, was reminded of how much I love this group. They opened for the Doobie Brothers in 1989 and I had the privilege of seeing them perform at the old Met Center (where the MN Northstars used to play). It was so great and bizarre with 2 completely different types of music and fans in one evening! Since I loved both groups, it was all good for me! I can't quite tell the group's political leanings, but they've written cleverly enough to make you smile without shoving a perspective down your throat.

Watch and listen to a few of their best songs and hope you enjoy them. IMO, they're the one of the greatest bands no one has heard of but after reading the comments on YouTube, there are some real die-hards fans like me.

If you only watch one, see the first on the list. It is a PERFECT tribute with what we're facing under the Obamination in the WH. Besides, it's my favorite song. Some awesome person just put this video to the music. EXCELLENT!


Let My People Go-Go - released as a single

Downstream - 2nd single released

Wages of Sin

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Cool. So often I click on "conservative" or "libertarian" even music and it's not good. Must I support "my party" artists when I don't think they're very good over leftists artists who I believe have more talent?

But I liked this band. Thanks, Renwaa.
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