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I recently posted on my Face Book page about my trip to the Massachusetts RMV.

When I got there I went to a desk where a man dressed in jeans and T-shirt asked what I was there for. I told him I was there to renew my registration. He pressed a button on a device sitting on his desk. The device then printed out a ticket. He then handed the ticket to me and told me to wait until my number was called.

When I posted that to Face Book with the question do we need to pay some to push a button and hand someone a number I got a reply from a very leftist relative telling me we did need to pay for that. When I pointed out that where I was sitting waiting for my number to be called I could see his monitor. He was browsing the web when not pushing a button and handing people numbers. The same relative said she thought it was OK as long as it did not interfere with his job.

The managers at the store I work at come in at least once an hour to check on the department I work in. If I told them I did not have any customers so I was surfing the web they would find something for me to do.

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Only when it comes to defense. Social programs and education can spend with little to no accountability; after all, it's for the children and working families. :puke:
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