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Why is it that Tim Thomas snubbed the Whitehouse he is injecting politics into hockey, but when Theo Epstein snubbed President Bush twice he was not accused of injecting politics into baseball?
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It is funny how the MSM is telling us how a serial adulterer can't be trusted and would not make a good President. When Clinton was found out to be the MSM was telling us how a serial adulterer had traits that would make him a good President.
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Last week a few of the towns near where I work lost power. Fortunately enough the store I work at is in a town that did not loose power. Unfortunately people found out we had electricity and free WIFI.
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Holiday retail test

For those of you who wonder why the person behind the counter this Holiday Season was wishing you a Happy Holiday I give you the Holiday Retail Test.
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I am looking for a word.

I am having a problem with my email in box. It is getting filled with item, while not spam, are still not wanted and taking up space. They are thing like my niece sending out to all her facebook friends about wearing a blue shirt to stop school bulling or a friend wanting to share a new dish they cooked in café world. I cannot set up my email...
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