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Mortensen, Viggo

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Posted 18 April 2003 - 09:46 AM

Viggo Mortensen


"Blood for oil," "a distraction," "doing it for daddy" and ignorant thought
Viggo Mortensen, Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood were guests on PBS' talk show, Charlie Rose, on Dec 03, 2002, to discuss their upcoming movie The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Viggo wore a T-shirt emblazoned with "No More Blood For Oil" which provoked the following dialogue on current events.


"What the United States has been doing for the past year is bombing innocent civilians without having come anywhere close to catching Osama bin Laden or any presumed enemy, and, as a distraction, we're now--apparently it's a given--we're hell bent on increasing the bombing that's been going on for the past eleven years in Iraq. And I don't think that the civilians on the ground in those countries look at us in the way that maybe Europeans did at the end of World War II, waving flags in the streets, I think that they see the US government as Saruman."

"...if one is going to compare then the comparison [of the Lord of the Rings and the current world situation with respect to Iraq] is quite the opposite of what is being made. And the idea is--in that comparison--is that the United States is like the good guys in our movie against the bad guys in our movie and I think the opposite is true unfortunately.

"You know, the people who are terrified at Helms Deep, who are outnumbered in this incredible violence and desire to control--to destroy--the people of Rohan and the rest of the free peoples of Middle-earth, and to control their wills, to control their infrastructure--or destroy it--that's what we're doing in these countries. That's really what we're doing unfortunately. I would not have continually bombed innocent civilians from 30,000 feet with no possibility of being accurate and maiming and killing and destroying the lives of many more people than died at the World Trade Center. What does that do? Does bombing people make us safer? Does bombing people make us more loved or appreciated overseas? Will this be forgotten? 'Oh well, it was just a little mistake.'"

"There's nothing wrong with responding [to terrorism]. It's how do you respond...our government is incredibly violent and aggressive and rapacious. And we want to control those regions. It's beyond a response. And there are other ways, I would think, of responding. We've done this before in our history. Even World War II. Was it necessary to kill so many civilians in Dresden and places like that? Was it necessary to do things that way? It's hindsight and so forth. But here we are now. We've been doing this for a year in Afghanistan; we've been doing it for eleven years in Iraq...If they're not American, if they're not European, they don't exist, they're disposable. And more of them have died in the past year than died at the World Trade Center. What... does that mean anything? And now just because we focused on Iraq for many reasons, not the least of which is oil... and some kind of vendetta maybe that our President's father has... Who knows what the reasons are? It doesn't really matter."


Avenging al Queda for 3,000 dead Americans, and preventing more attacks, is not reason enough to Afghanistan
During a recent visit to Japan Mortensen sported a T-shirt in Japanese that read "No more blood for oil." His co-star, New Zealand actor Karl Urban, who showed up with him, had peace symbols stitched all over his jacket.


"Since 9-11, more people have died in Afghanistan and Iraq than in New York that day and for not a very good reason.


Mortensen continues to wear his special brand of T-shirt...


he's turned up for numerous press interviews wearing a "no more blood for oil" T-shirt and freely offered his bitter critique of U.S. foreign policy.


How to find contact information

His Works:

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Posted 13 April 2008 - 11:07 PM

He also has a small printing shop called 'Perceval Press' where he and many hard left and those with socialism and communism perspectives have their poems, editorials, anti-Bush and liberal ideas posted. A good place to go for fodder!

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