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Congress Has Done It Again

Senate Bill 510, the one that controls our food supply has passed the House. They attached it to a bill for funding for the Department of Veteran's Affairs.
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My Favorite Meth Head

Just checked the status of my favorite meth head. She used to be a neighbor of mine and for many years they refused to prosecute her because she was a mother even though her exes had custody of all of her kids. Well they finally got her and put her in jail. Ever since she has been in and out and usually the outs last less than a few months. I...
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Last night I was bored stiff so I was switching stations and ran across "Desperate Housewives". I used to love that show but lost interest when they decided to advance the show into the future. Well. I turn it on and Gabby is having a fight with her husband. She forgot to pick up the pies for the dinner and they have guests. One of...
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I do not think so. Instead of the prisons being full of people who were convicted for manufacturing, selling and using drugs they would be full of people convicted of driving while high, having accidents while high, and child abuse and neglect. People who are alcoholics and people who use drugs illegally are frequently convicted of those...
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Election Day 2010

I got up and went to the polls today arriving a little past 6:30. There were two cop cars parked in the drive of the polling place and two people were standing outside by their car. They said that they had been waiting since 6 and the doors were not open yet. They really wanted to vote and needed to leave. They were both Republicans. They...
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