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I warn you now that I have been stewing on this topic for awhile, ever since seeing a commercial here in my home state of California where they used a charmingly, euphemistically dubbed 'undocumented immigrant' as the spokesperson ( must be PC about that, just so folks know I am aware of the ridiculous titles assigned to people in this nauseating day and age) to sit there and inform those viewing the TV screen that he believed that free health care is a universal human right.

First of all, those of you who are familiar with my tirades know that I believe in following the laws of my beloved nation, so the insult of having a criminal being the spokesperson for this meme just ticks me off right out of the starting gate.

Those laws have been so trampled, bastardized and diluted to the benefit of the criminals and the politicians who benefit from their compliance in the grand conspiracy that is voting Democrat in California, that it seems like an unholy and obscene joke to suggest that we have laws in this state.

Well, actually, the laws are not applied equally which is part of my rant.

I am as amazed as I am offended that the politicians that control this state have chosen to put a criminal on television to lecture me about what HE believes is a universal human right: free health care.

As my wise grandparents from both sides of the family tree would say often and correctly, there is NOTHING free in this world.

To have this fallacy put out there to be gobbled up by the brain dead sheeple who vote for 'freebie' pieces of legislation is just another jolt of vinegar into the open wound.

The politicians in control of this state want only to pass more and more legislation that hikes up taxes so that they can divert, abscond with and otherwise benefit from the new slush funds they are creating to benefit themselves, their spouses thru contracts or their friends and/or cronies and they use the largest segment of the population that pays the LEAST amount of taxes to pass those pieces of legislation to burden the minority who DO pay their taxes.

And because this is their agenda and their plans have been working so well this century, they decide to up the ante and put a criminal trespasser on television to lecture the tax payers that it is HIS belief that free health care is a universal human right and, therefore, we should all get on board with HIS way of thinking and stop complaining about higher and higher taxes to pay for HIS dream coming true.

So, if Mr. Illegaleano Alienovitch has a moment to answer a few questions, I would like to give him a list to consider and then provide a response to each one:

Why should I, as a legal citizen of this country and a tax payer, pay attention to an illegal trespasser who has been stealing resources paid for by my tax dollars since his arrival in my country?

Why should HIS belief that free health care take precedent over my belief that if he wants health care he should get a job and pay for it himself instead of expect the tax payers to foot the bill for he and his entire family of illegal trespassers?

And why is it that illegal immigrants and home grown slackers alike champion universal human rights when someone ELSE is picking up the tab?

If Illegaleano Alienovitch's belief in universal human rights are so strong and deeply ingrained in him, then he should return to the country where he is a LEGAL resident and he should champion his beliefs THERE and stop stealing from the tax payers here.

This used to be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, but thanks to the annihilation of our founding tenets, we have become the Land of the Freebies and the Home of the Enslaved by the IRS.

For the record, my belief in a universal human right is to breath in and out each day and work for what you have so that you can meet your responsibilities and save for the future WITHOUT being burdened with the cost of supporting others who willfully choose NOT to make the effort to support themselves.

I will await with bated breath the cogent and thoughtful response from Mr. Illegaleano Alienovitch to my list of questions...

And while I do that, I'll keep my nose to the grindstone because unlike him and his many, many brethren, nobody else is paying my bills for me.

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Good rant! :thumbsup:

In a completely different context I once was presented with a supposed “law”:

“Everyone deserves unconditional love”.

Really? Where does that entitlement come from? The General Laws of Massachusetts? The Constitution of the United States of America? The Geneva Convention? Some UN manifesto? I actually searched out and printed the “rights of the child” thing and distributed it at the next meeting as proof that nobody is entitled to unconditional love. (Except perhaps for married couples that included such language in their vows, then you really have to do it… although how can you force anyone to love somebody else?)

If it wasn’t described as a “so-and-so’s law” and if it was somehow quantified then I might have gone along with it: “It would be ideal if everyone experienced unconditional love”… I’d be okay with something like that. But it’s not a law; it’s an affirmation… a statement of faith… and faith is inherently irrational because it doesn’t rely on objective facts.

Although I haven’t seen it, that is what I think about the commercial that you describe. Health care (or even affordable health insurance) is not a “universal human right”. It is a benefit, it is a protection; and I agree that in this, the greatest nation on the planet, folks should not be turned away from the ER because they don’t have a policy or credit card. (That is the idealist in me; basic human kindness.) And I am interested in knowing how the ACA (Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”) addresses this.

On the other hand my friend, your repeated (and repeated) persistence in referring to undocumented immigrants as “criminals” demonstrates a certain umm… what’s a nice way to say “xenophobia”? These territories were colonialized by “undocumented immigrants” from the perspective of the original residents. And if you agree with me that ours is the greatest nation on the planet then it makes perfect sense that folks will do almost anything to come here. (Like those that tried and sometimes died to get past the Iron Curtain.) Maybe we can cut them a little slack.

Finally, I agree that California can be a bit over the top at times… just like Texas but in a different direction.

That’s all for now; I too have to go to work in the morning.



On the other hand my friend, your repeated (and repeated) persistence in referring to undocumented immigrants as “criminals” demonstrates a certain umm… what’s a nice way to say “xenophobia”? These territories were colonialized by “undocumented immigrants” from the perspective of the original residents. And if you agree with me that ours is the greatest nation on the planet then it makes perfect sense that folks will do almost anything to come here. (Like those that tried and sometimes died to get past the Iron Curtain.) Maybe we can cut them a little slack.

MADG, I love the fact that you went out of your way to come up with a term that you thought was a nice way of calling me a racist. You truly are a gentleman, whether you want anybody to know it or not!

Having said that, I do want to do a little picky stuff here and there...

Taking apart the euphemism 'undocumented immigrant', it is the politically correct term for illegal immigrant and the accepted definition of illegal is:

il·le·gal [ i léeg'l ]

1.against law: contravening a specific law, especially a criminal law
2.against rules: not allowed by the rules of something

Therefore, I would like to kindly point out once again that illegal immigrants are, in fact, breaking the law by occupying this amazing country unlawfully and by breaking the law they are, in fact, criminals. Glad we could clear that up!

And I do, wholeheartedly, agree with you that this is the greatest nation on the planet.

That being said, why should I cut slack to anyone who exhibits:

1 - A total lack of respect for this nation's laws.

2 - Makes demands and has expectations that I, as a taxpayer, must foot the bill for their existence and subsistence while illegally occupying my country, as well as the growing families that they establish here on the taxpayer's dime.

There a hundreds of thousands of immigrants who come to this nation to become part of its fabric and they have NO PROBLEM following our laws to do so the legal way.

They are grateful for the opportunities that this nation offers to those who are willing to put in the effort and work required to make a good life for themselves and their families without having this idiotic notion that all they have to do is add water and *presto* they are overnight success stories rolling on piles of Benjamins and outdoing the Kardashians in conspicuous consumption.

I not only applaud the arrival of these immigrants by legal means, I wish them nothing but success if they have come here, like my grandparents did, to work hard and make the American Dream come true for themselves.

And, not to put too fine a point on it, those legal immigrants come from every nation and ethnicity on the planet, so your effort to paint me as a racist doesn't apply, but you aren't the first to seek to apply that moniker and once again, it still don't fit.

As for the universal human right to be loved... I will definitely have to think about that one.

How does one define universal lovability?

Or, when it is universal, does it even matter if people are loveable when it is mandated that everyone must universally be loved?

As an affirmation, being universally loved is a charming and sweet notion.

However, the 'notion' that free healthcare is a universal human right comes with a hefty price tag, MADG, one that those who expect and even demand it DO NOT pay for themselves, rather they cast their votes, legally and illegally, to mandate that others pay for their notions and wants while they contribute nothing to the fund.

And that is something worth getting ticked about.
I apologize my friend; I was not suggesting (or even hinting) that you might be a racist; that is not evident by anything you have posted here. Colloquially “xenophobe” means “uncomfortable with outsiders” and there is no racial element necessarily implied. Also I’m glad we agree that free healthcare is not a “universal human right”. It is a noble ideal but not an entitlement.


Being offended by those who break the laws of this nation, especially those who demand that they have a right to break those laws, is not the same as being bothered by outsiders. I'm certain that Ticked is perfectly happy with those who come to this country from outside its borders through legal processes, therefore your accusation of xenophobia is unsupported. And offensive. She is not a xenophobe nor is anyone else who dislikes illegal immigration. She is a law abiding patriot.
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