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2015 came to a close with the same sort of fanfare that we have come to expect here in the good ol' US of A.

We had the Ryan Seacrest version of New Year's Eve in Time's Square with an abundance of buffoonery but absolutely no substance.

The governmental document dumps occurred right on schedule, adding more factual information to the fire that should have thoroughly roasted Hillary Clinton right out of the political landscape and yet the hag continues to thrive.

Why? Perhaps it is the new grandchild that she had promise to the Lord of the Underworld that allows her to continue onward using the catchphrase du jour of 'feminist' so that she can appeal to the hapless females in this country who don't bother with their due diligence before jumping on the Hillary bandwagon.

As one who can claim a uterus and also three viable brain cells that are functioning, I can say that Hillary is NOT a feminist nor is she the candidate to remotely give credence to.

Do I support Trump? Well, as I have said numerous times before, a broken clock is right twice a day and he has managed to hit on more than one issue that should be in the mainstream meme as discussion worthy since he threw his hat in the ring and allowed the Comb-Over that Ate Manhattan to have its moment in the sun.

Trump is a blowhard and a dick, there's no two ways about it, but he does say what the people are thinking, which is one hell of a lot more than the traditional politicos can claim.

Does he have the answers? My gut tells me no. He can talk a good game and enjoys stirring up controversy so that he can enjoy the free publicity that it generates, but he isn't one that can be entrusted with follow through.

I do, however, appreciate his ability to bring topics of merit to the fore when it comes to issue that should be discussed before this next, crucial, election happens.

Truth be told, I believe that we need to get back to the Constitutionalist way of thinking when it comes to government and elected officials, otherwise, we are entirely screwed.

When politicians throw their hats in the ring with the goal being that they become multi-millionaires by the time they leave office, we have a problem.

That kind of mindset allows for lobbying, pandering and corruption, and the last thing that our nation needs is more of the same old, same old.

We need to make it difficult for politicians to do their dirty work, which inevitably pours money into their pockets behind the scenes.

We need to demand meaningful change, and if the parties in charge won't get on board, then it belongs to the people of the United States to stand up and demand that the corrupt and complacent leave their offices and allow something healthy to take root.

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Ha ha, "the Comb-Over that Ate Manhattan" B)

Also, I agree with all of this. I don't see or want a President Trump, but what's going on w/him right now is GREATLY NEEDED to "air out" all of the GOP's BS. The Party created this mess we're in, now we all have to come to terms with it, then let the chips fall where they may!

For now and the foreseeable future, I am Team Cruz. (And whether it's in the primary or general election, I'm hoping I can cast my vote for him in the church where his Dad was saved, which is where I myself went to church as a kid!!! ... sorry, had to plug that in there! lol)
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