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The progressive left is terrified of Hillary Clinton failing to be elected- hell, there scared that something will prevent her from even being nominated. The reasons are more obscure than you our faithful reader might suspect.

First among these reasons is that if she fails then its over for her, no modern president has been elected to their first term while in their seventies, this is a last gasp at the golden ring for the Clinton brand; oh sure they will have the foundation and sycophants galore but is it the same? Another reason for fear is the pathological urge of the left to have the first anything that is not described as a heterosexual white male.

I think the biggest fear for the progressive left is that if Clinton looses there is no bench for them- between them, Clinton and obama have essentially slaughtered potential candidates that a large number of Americans will even think about voting for.

Let’s look at the rest of the batting order shall we?

First up we have Bernie sanders an avowed and admitted socialist, his greatest strength is that he is completely open about where he stands on most issues- the problem is that is completely open that and while a majority of voters elected obama I don’t think enough will knowingly pull the trigger for such an open socialist. Sanders may do well in some districts there is probably not enough to elect him.

Former Maryland governor O’Malley’s biggest problem is name recognition, nobody outside of his home state has heard of him and he has one of the biggest hills to climb.

Former senator Webb has similar problems to O’Malley but his greatest liability is the fact that he is not a progressive leftist; he is more of a “Reagan Democrat” and that. While it makes him a little more palatable to mainstream voters, he will be a hard pill for progressives.

Vice president biden. Vice president Biden. Biden is Hillary’s biggest threat for a number of reasons, he is sort of progressive but not an avowed socialist, he has name recognition but many of his foibles are falling into the dim past, while his career history is fairly vanilla it has the virtue of being consistent and finally he has been out of eye sight for the last 7 plus years enough that he is better suited to distance himself from obama.

Regardless of how 2016 shakes out this is the time when progressives have to rethink their bush leagues. If they fail at this then all the republicans have to do is avoid nominating idiots for a few cycles and I predict we could have republican presidents for at least the next 12-16 years.

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