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Did She Blow The Big Surprise? Why Are Democrats ‘Livid’ At Rashida Tlaib? Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 05 January 2019 - 03:10 AM


Did She Blow The Big Surprise? Why Are Democrats ‘Livid’ At Rashida Tlaib?

Matt Vespa
Jan 04, 2019 8:50 PM


Freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) went on the warpath last night. Concerning President Trump, she was quite clear what she wants to do. She wants to go in and “impeach the motherf**ker.” The media tried to ask her questions today about the remarks, she declined. From her social media posts, it looks like she has zero intention of apologizing. And why should she? She’s part of the progressive left, they want Trump gone, and she was honest about it. It’s absurd. It’s crude. It’s not going to happen. It’s all of those things, but at least someone was honest about what they wanted to do. Well, apparently, House Democrats are “livid” at Tlaib (via Politico):

House Democrats are furious that an incoming freshman’s expletive-riddled statement about impeaching Donald Trump has suddenly upended their carefully crafted rhetoric on their plans to take on the president.


Rank-and-file Democrats, immediately fearful of the damage the comment could cause, unloaded on their new colleague Friday morning. Republicans, they argued, would hold it up as proof that Democrats are playing politics rather than pursuing genuine oversight of the president — even if the GOP never showed interest in investigating Trump scandals while it was in power.

“Mueller hasn’t even produced his report yet!” said Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wis.), referring to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. “People should cool their jets a little bit, let the prosecutors do their job and finish the investigation.”

“Inappropriate,” added Rep. Jim Costa (D-Calif.). “As elected officials I think we should be expected to set a high bar… It’s not helpful.”

Even Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), who introduced an impeachment resolution earlier this week, was shocked. His eyes bulged in disbelief when a reporter read him Tlaib’s comments and he was speechless for several seconds.

After he regained his composure, Sherman said that kind of language is detrimental to the cause: “That’s not language I would use … I think the office of the presidency should be treated with respect.”

Party elders also sought to calm talk of impeachment without criticizing Tlaib directly. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the new chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, called Talib’s comments “inappropriate” and said, “We need to be patient.”

That’s the key right there: “we need to be patient.” House Democrats want to impeach Trump. They’ve introduced multiple articles over the past couple of years. This is what they want. Why? Well, because he beat Hillary Clinton. That’s the reason. The Russian collusion nonsense isn’t going to materialize. Sorry, Democrats—it’s a myth. It will never happen. It’s been over a year since Special Counsel Robert Mueller began looking into this. So far, there is zero evidence to suggest the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. And in this town that leaks like crazy and a media that will eventually find something trying to be hidden—no one can keep a secret anymore—we would have found something. What we did find is serial incompetence among the elite media to cover this White House, who have also peddled story after story claiming to be Russia bombshells that only end up being massive nothing burgers. It’s crap. So, that being said, why are House Democrats mad at Tlaib when she said what they all want to do?





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Posted 05 January 2019 - 11:50 AM

Dems are “livid” at her because her self-indulgence might get in the way of their Eddie Haskell routine they have aimed at normal Americans.

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Posted 05 January 2019 - 08:41 PM


“Inappropriate,” added Rep. Jim Costa (D-Calif.). “As elected officials I think we should be expected to set a high bar… It’s not helpful.”

No one expects the Democrats to set a high bar. Quite the opposite, in fact. And Tlaib has given them a good start in that direction.

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Posted 05 January 2019 - 09:21 PM

Wait... I thought we were lectured on another thread by one of our spinning leftard posters that SHE was not the one who was using foul language...

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Posted 06 January 2019 - 12:33 AM

Hey Americans! Wake up! Democrats are mad at you because you didn’t let Hillary be pres. That’s it. End of story.

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