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CBS Censors Scene About Chinese Censorship, Revealing Hollywood’s Shif Rate Topic: -----

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  Posted 09 May 2019 - 08:13 AM

CBS Censors Scene About Chinese Censorship, Revealing Hollywood’s Shift In Artistic Ethics

Brad Slager


Just the latest example where Hollywood shows it no longer clings to artistic integrity when money is on the line.

The CBS television show “The Good Fight”, (available on the CBS All Access streaming service) is a spinoff of the previous CBS primetime hit “The Good Wife”. The program is a political-based drama that is fully immersive in real-time politics, with plots that involve real life named individuals in DC life.

In its desire to infuse contemporary storylines a recent episode was addressing the issue of China and the ruling government’s stronghold on that country’s cultural offerings. The show had a brief scene included mentioning the Chinese Communist party tendencies to censor and control the content, and in a bit dark irony CBS ended up censoring the scene. It appears the network decided late in the process that the brief scene was too sensitive to the liking of the Chi-Coms.

Viewers had initially believed the blacked out screen time was an inclusion by the writers, making a wry comment on the issue of censorship. One of the show’s writers verified that it was not a dose of intentional satire but an official move made by the network. This was eventually confirmed by an official comment from executives.

In a statement, CBS All Access said: “We had concerns with some subject matter in the episode’s animated short. This is the creative solution that we agreed upon with the producers.” A spokeswoman declined to comment further.

The animated short segment was a musical interlude, listing off a number topics that have been banned on the mainland. Supposedly, after receiving initial approval for the segment, it was decided it had to be removed just weeks ahead of the airing of the episode. This is but one example of American entertainment studios showing a growing acceptance for censoring their own products to appease the communist leadership in China.

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Posted 09 May 2019 - 09:02 PM

About 10 years ago my brother was on a work assignment in Shanghai. He said any time a news item involving Taiwan was broadcast, it was censored. My brother said the screen would go dark until the story was over.

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