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Hello, readers.
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A short deviation from blogging on wonderful Riga is a tribute to music. Way back in 1987, I discovered a band from Kansas City called "The Rainmakers". This was before I consciously realized that I was interested in politics and The Rainmakers music really struck me as interesting. Last night after watching VH-1 top 10 80s videos...
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Is it possible for me to fall more in love with Riga and Latvia every day? I think so. It has been a fantastic few weeks in our new country and over the last week, have really started to feel like we belong here---even though I am probably wandering around with a gaping mouth astounded at all the wonderful things this little country has to...
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Living La Riga Loca!

Riga has been an unbelievable surprise for us after a long, hard year in India. Wow. It is an amazing place.
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Yes, you read that right! We're moving to Europe and are going to be calling Riga, Latvia our home for at least (that's the plan) the next 18 months. My husband's company has (yet again) restructured (hopefully last time for a long time) and my husband got "restructured" right out of a position here (not performance...
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