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How do I loathe BBC World? Let me count the ways---although I violently despise CNN Int'l.

As much as I loathe them, however, there are a few "must sees". One of them is to always watch "The Doha Debates" from Qatar. This latest one fails to disappoint!



Possibility of McCain victory alarms Middle East
Tuesday October 28, 2008
Motion: This House believes the Middle East would be better off with John McCain in the White House
Result: Motion rejected 87%-13% (Of course it's rejected! It's an America hating Arab crowd i.e. they love Obama!)

The latest Doha Debate has conclusively warned America that a victory by John McCain in the US Presidential election would further damage relations with the Middle East.

In the largest margin yet recorded in the Debates, now in their fifth year, 87 per cent of the audience voted against a motion suggesting that the Middle East would be better off with McCain as President.

Hafez al-Mirazi, the former host of Al-Jazeera’s Arabic weekly television show From Washington said that just as President George W. Bush had made the Middle East “worse than it was eight years ago” so his “hawkish Republican mate” would do the same. He suggested McCain was eager to “fight and engage in wars” against Iran, Syria “and anyone who would oppose America.”

“Like Bush he wouldn’t talk to his opponents and like Bush he shoots first and talks later"

Problem is, what has McCain done for this Egyptian moron to reach that conclusion you ask (BDS??)? Why, it doesn't matter!! We're watching Middle East media "intelligentsia" in action! This is typical of the responses you get during the debates when talking about American foreign policy/Bush.

HOWEVER, before I turn my readers completely off, if you want to see some good composure under pressure, watch Danielle Pletka, Vice President for Foreign and Defence Policy Studies at the American Institute for Public Policy Research, who supports the motion. She completely holds her own even listening to bald-face-lies by the Obama spokestool.

Tim Sebastian, the moderator, is a total bastage from my favorite interview show called:
http://clients.squar...m_sebastian.jpg BBC World's "HARDTALK", but he does go after both sides of the arguments regardless of topic or guest.

I strongly recommend watch the latest Doha Debates IF ONLY to see the ABSOLUTE BEATING Tim Sebastian gives this tool for Obama, Dr. Michael Signer, after his opening remarks. Bloody pulp would be the best way to describe Singer afterward! The topic was when Obama spoke about an undivided Jerusalem. It was awesome!

Now, I will warn those with high blood pressure, there is the typical anti-US stuff that will have you shouting at the television, but for some (masochistic) reason, I watch the Doha Debates and the Davos Economic Forum stuff (and will watch the CNN Int'l for their coverage) for pure entertainment. The America hating in both these forums can get wild and a while back on one RN thread, when I wrote about it, I even gave props to Joe Biden for reigning it in in Davos when he was a guest panel speaker a few years ago.

Ah, the joys of living overseas stuck with this kind of television. I miss FoxNews. At least we had that in Panama for almost 3 years.....

If anyone catches the show (it's on tomorrow and maybe still on in the US today and tomorrow), let me know what you thought. Check your local listings for times! Or, go to the website I linked at top of my post.

EDIT: For a taste of Tim Sebastian's style (and my favorite interview ever!) watch him tear apart this Palestinian terror promoter. " Azzam Al-Tamimi is a Palestinian-British academic and the director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought. He is also a prominent supporter of Hamas. HardTalk spoke to him on a day when a suicide bomber killed three people in a Tel Aviv market place. Tim Sebastian asked Mr Al-Tamimi why he has said he supports suicide attacks."

Classic Sebastian.

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