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I took my youngest to the Infinity Mall up in Andheri today (suburb north of Mumbai) to go to the re-opened Landmark bookstore (it got burned in a fire started in a store next door). While browsing DVDs, I had to quick chase down my son (who was headed towards the toys) and then recognized the guy next to me.

It was Chris Kattan http://upload.wikime...d_Shankbone.jpg of SNL and A Night at the Roxbury fame.

Of course, it wasn't Brad Pitt or someone I'd gawk at, but still kinda cool--although he didn't look as cute as he normally can. He was wearing an olive drab t-shirt and cargo pants with a book bag slung across him. His hair was in need of a cut and kind of messy. Of course, the guy was just at the mall--i.e. no need to be dressed up---but even sloppy can be cute with the quirky looking guys. Maybe it was how old he looked although he's just a month or so younger than me according to Wiki. I'd have taken a cell photo, but have no idea how to up-load to the computer anyway. :)

It appears Chris is here for a movie.

My almost 3 yr old decided to be a terror in the store (normally he's good which is why I even bothered to bring him along) and stood shouting "NO!" at me when I was trying to get him to come closer while at the cash register. In India, people have no problem "shushing" your kids if they get loud and funny enough, Chris actually "shushed" my son---as in he and his female companion (with lots of acne--bizarre) both turned to him and went "Shhhhh!".

I almost reacted, but decided not to. My darling son was being annoying, but I'll never get used to other people disciplining my kids--even if a celebrity. As if my baby would listen to a stranger anyway! ;)

Anyway, on another subject, I've got some big news coming up, but can't talk about it just yet! Stay tuned!!!!

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Yeah, he was cute in an athletic “bounce around the bed” kinda way… but all that body hair… and you just knew that you would end up cleaning the shower drain… oh, wait… that was a skit? My bad.
You're VERY nice, Renwaa. Kids will be kids, and he and his whoever she was were rude to shhhh somebody else's child. Too bad somebody didn't tell him, "SSSHHHH! And by the way, cut your hair, you bum!" :lol:
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