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RightNation.US: Is it just me, or.......? July 14, 2011 - RightNation.US

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No link, not that they don't exist, just a question or two, and some comments on the Roger Clemens PED Trial.
Doesn't it seem more then a little strange that the prosecution "screwed up" their case up so badly, that the Judge felt he had no choice but to declare a mistrial?
Did they really "screw up" their presentation, or is this little more then a poorly disguised deliberate screw up?
Considering that the Judge himself said words to the effect of "a first year law student" would have known that the evidence that caused the mistrial was going to cause a mistrial, how could the various Attorneys working this case have let this happen?
Is it possible that the Justice Department, for whom all the U S Attorneys and their subordinates work, is concerned that should this case move to the apparent logical conclusion, a conviction of Clemens on Perjury to Congress charges, there might be a slew of other MLB Players who would face the same possibility? (And why, you might ask, should the DOJ care? Becaise so many of the players in the MLB are, as AG Holder defines them, "his people". That's why!!)
Or, to continue a bit of a theme from the last question, is the DOJ and the AG really concerned that should this high profile trial result in a conviction of "perjury" for lying to Congress, then a heck of a lot of current and former Nobama Administration Officials might themselves be worried about their own false statements, presented to Congress during sworn testimony?
Not that a mistrial in the Clemens case would serve as some kind of precedent to be used, but just to get the case off the front of the Sports News.
Just wondering is all, as it seems just plain difficult to believe that the U S Attorneys Office "screwed up" a case this badly!
Almost as if it was on purpose or something. :scratch:

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I don't believe they deliberately screwed up, I think it's absolute incompetence instead.

Prosecutors have performance benchmarks that they're judged by for advancement up the ladder just like most other professionals. It's never good to "lose" a case; if you want it to go away there are a hundred ways to make an unwanted case quietly disappear without actually having to go to court and lose.
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