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RightNation.US: A few thoughts on the threat of a Romney Run in 2016 - RightNation.US

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There has been growing speculation, in some quarters, that Mitt Romeny is considering another run at the Presidency.
God I hope, for once, he takes the kind of advice I would give and does NOT!
I didn't like him in 2007.
Couldn't put my finger on why precisely, just that he seemed to damn politically smooth and polished.
Don't want another Um, Ah, Uh, stutter bum, but something about Romney just struck me as 'off'. (Never did figure out just what.)
His religion means nothing to me, I do believe that he would always put Country first, so that worry isn't one of mine.
Biggest problem I have with him is what happened in 2012.
After the first debate, I honestly thought he had Nobama on the ropes.
He had shown that the One was an empty suit, a voice over actor, with little real understanding of domestic OR world problems.
And then, for reasons I will likely never know, he took a cowards approach to the second and third debates.
He let Nobama off the hook, did NOT attack, attack, attack.
He let victory slip through his hands, and saddled the USA and the World with many of the problems that affect it today.
Look, I'm not saying that had Romney won, ISIS wouldn't be an issue, or that the Soviets uh Russians, wouldn't have wanted to 'annex' Chrimea.
Or any of a number of other things gone pretty horribly wrong in the last couple of years.
But I DO believe that a President Romney response would have been light years different then what we've seen from the current Occupier of the WH. (Givern what I wrote next, why do I believe that a Romney response would be different the Nobama's? Not sure, but I do.)
No doubt there will be many who will say that Romney got smarter about who he surrounds himself with, better advisers, more something.
But wasn't/isn't his supposed expertise the assumption that he was ready for prime time from day one?
He is a former Governor.
He has a vast amount of successful business experience.
He has been an adviser himself, and had the benefit of advisers for a long time.
He had all that, and yet couldn't put together a program to defeat ONE dude?
How the hell is he going to take on the planet, if ONE incompetent poser defeated him?
I for one don't really want a President that doesn't appear to have the killer instinct needed sometimes.
Like when you have your opponent on the ropes, and everyone is waiting for the knock out blow, and you instead help him to his feet.
Cowards do that, people so afraid of some imagined judgement by others that they take the wimp way out.
I'll admit that I honestly don't know of any other times that Romney may have had an opponent on the ropes, business or political. And therefore I obviously don't know if he went for blood, or let the opponent slip away.
I just can't find it in me to forgive the apparent surrender that occurred between debate 1 and 2.
Something happened and, without knowing what it was-more importantly that it wouldn't ever happen again, I find it difficult to get even a little bit excited about another Romney campaign.

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I'm with you. I wouldn't mind Romney in a cabinet position. But as commander in chief? He's too nice. I want a pit bull.
Republicans need to stop nominating people for President who already lost, either in the primary or general election. I don't have a whole lot of problems with Romney, but I think we can do better. Try to find a current successful Governor who can run on their track record alone.
It's the whole Good Ol' Boy mentality of "it's their turn" that got Bob Dole and John McCain defeated. Give me Allen West, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, or Trey Gowdy. To hell with the rest of them.

cobalt-blue, on 02 September 2014 - 07:18 AM, said:

It's the whole Good Ol' Boy mentality of "it's their turn" that got Bob Dole and John McCain defeated. Give me Allen West, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, or Trey Gowdy. To hell with the rest of them.

Romney's as close to a perfect candidate for me that I've seen in my lifetime. I would be rather happy to vote for him again. If any of the people you mention here get the Repub nomination, you can count on me voting for the Dem. Anyone much to the right of Romney, especially socially, is a nonstarter for me.

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