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Allen, Woody

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Posted 08 March 2005 - 03:36 PM

Woody Allen

Allen has an opinion about the President...
While in town to present new feature Melinda and Melinda and to receive a lifetime achievement award, Allen said that were Bush re-elected in November, it would be...


"tragic, extremely tragic". He added that the current White House resident may come across as a funny character but that US politics were anything but: "If you observe [Bush], it's quite amusing. If you listen to him as he speaks, if you follow him closely, it would provide you a great many laughs.



The Republicans = fear


Spiegel: Has the daily mood of New York changed so much since the attack on the Twin Towers, that you now see everything as black?

Allen: No. Besides a sense of paranoia, which the parties' speeches are full of, life goes on like before. People go to the theatre, to baseball games, fil the restaurants. Most of the harsh security measures play no role in everyday life.

Birds Of a Feather, flock together:


Spiegel: So, do you think is sort of useless when someone like Michael Moore makes a documentary with strong political overtones?

Allen: Michael Moore delivered a powerful and successful piece of documentary with Fharenheit 9/11. But the problem is that most of the people who liked it were people who thought like him. Me for example. But, even Moore didn't manage to influence the other side. We tested that with polls. It's a hopeless case.


Coming from a man who has an affair with his lover's adopted daughter 35 years his senior...
Soon-Yi was 8 years old when adopted by Ms. Farrow and the conductor Andre Previn during a trip to Korea.

Ms. Farrow, who starred in many of Allen's films, was his companion for more than a decade, although, as Allen has pointed out, the couple never lived together, and spent their nights at separate homes. In 1992, the relationship between her adopted daughter and Allen came to light when she discovered nude pictures of Ms. Previn, who was then 21, in Allen's apartment.

In 1997 Allen and Soon-Yi had their wedding, the happy couple were hounded down the serpentine streets of the city by paparazzi and television crews, and then traveled on to Paris. "I have nothing much to say," Allen commented when brought to ground.



How to find contact information

His Work:

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