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Help Topic: How to Change Your User Name

How to Change Your User Name

Please do not register a new account if you want a new user name. Instead, use the Display Name feature located in your control panel. Control Panel > Personal Profile > Change Display Name

If you would like a new log in name, email service@rightnation.us with your old user name and the new user name you would like. Also, through My Controls, make sure that your email address is current, since the system will email you a confirmation of the changes. Keep in mind, the name changes done by the administrator will only change your log in name, not the name displayed in the forums on your posts.

The Display Name Change feature is for the below Community Supporter groups only:

Copper Level: Allowed 1 change every 30 days.

Bronze/Liberal Level: Allowed 2 changes every 30 days

Silver Level: Allowed 3 changes every 30 days

Gold Level: Allowed 6 changes every 30 days

Platinum Level: Allowed 12 changes every 30 days

Diamond Level: Allowed 24 changes every 30 days

Please remember, your display name is not the same as your log in name. You will still have to log in to RN with your user name/log in name and password.