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I got my letter from UW, but it wasnít as fabulous as I was expecting, I guess. I was expecting something telling me I won! With lots of exclamation points and wishing me well and all that. It was more subdued than that. They said that I needed to do a bunch of tests for them to evaluate me further before making a decision. Trying to look on the bright side, I took that to mean I was still in the running or they wouldnít be so mean to make me do all that if they had no intention of giving me the transplant.

I had those bunch of tests already at UW and the 5-page blood test results from my kidney doctor. The new list of tests is:
Cardiac Stress w/ Myocardial perfusion imaging
Cardiac ECHO
Coronary Angiogram
Vascular duplex iliac and lower extremity arteries
Abdominal ultrasound
Recent PAP smear
Second blood type needed for transplant listing (?)
Results of PPD (tuberculosis, I think)
Hepatitis A and B vaccine
Dental clearance

Whew! Believe it or not, I got most of them done or had recently done tests sent out this week, so weíll see what they say now. I only have a couple left. I did several in one day, so that goo that they use for ultrsounds, I was covered with that literally from head to toes. My clothes stuck to me when I left and I had to wash everything I was wearing and take a shower when I got home. Yuck! And because I have such a low iron level, Iím getting an iron infusion done once a week for three weeks. But actually it was great. I just sat in a lounger with a warm blanket and an IV, and listened to Rush and Michael Medved all afternoon! Itís funny, at any given moment, if Iím asked how I feel, itís always ďOh, fine.Ē And itís true. I hope it stays that way. So far, Iím just really tired, but I can deal with thatóI mean, who isnít?

The thing that Iím worried more about is that our school is going through budget troubles, and weíve been told that there may be layoffs. So I am working my rear end off to look as invaluable as I can, at least until I get this surgery done.

My local kidney doctor said that he got letters from everyone at UW who had seen me, and he said the surgeon said I looked great for surgery! Still have to wait on the tests, but, wow, thatís great.

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and a hearty :coolshades:

Keeping prayers lifted!
I can see why they are having the other tests done. They want to do the transplant on a healthy person. I would say you are at least 3/4 of the way there. You will make it, you have always taken good care of yourself. :coolshades:
Hey, just wanted you to know that my wife and I are praying for you. Happy Easter!!
I LOVE your blog title.
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