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Hillary '16

This past week we witnessed the opening shot in Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton's run for the Presidency of the United States of America in 2016. The truly disgusting aspect of the Senatorial Hearing was the way the so-called Republicans on the committee bent over and grabbed their ankles while falling all over themselves closing ranks in...
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Keep Your Powder Dry

It has been my belief for the past three-and-a-half decades (and I am by no means alone) that the next world war will begin in the Middle East. Leaving aside for the nonce the fact that the world war in which we are currently embroiled began in 650 a.d., the current goings-on in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Jordan are extremely worrisome. If, as is...
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. . . but not, alas, ala Yogi.
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T. C. Does It Again

It would seem that Tom Clancy has achieved the exalted status of the late Norman Mailer; i.e. getting paid by the word. His latest, Dead or Alive, at 950 pages in hardcover is borderline uncomfortable to hold due to weight. I'm guessing that the paperback edition will be comparable to Red Storm Rising.
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An Unnecessary War

(And you thought it was going to be about Iraq.)
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